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Quality Juice made from real California fruit X470 Project Management EDP 325936 Summer 2011 Team: L 'Spawns Soif.

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1 Quality Juice made from real California fruit X470 Project Management EDP 325936 Summer 2011 Team: L 'Spawns Soif

2 2 Team Team Name L’SPAWNS Project Manager Karen Stanger Team Members Jing Wang Kendra Pollock Konstantinos Liolios Dino Michael Achury Phi Nguyen Shraddha Singh

3 To produce a healthy, tasty, friendly, economical, and high quality juice – Made of real Californian fruits! Our commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of our business. We stand behind our product. Our mission is to make world a healthier and better place to live. Values L’Spawns as a team, and as individuals, values integrity, honesty, healthiness, and a greener world. These values drive us to achieve our mission Mission

4 4 Mission Statement Project Mission Statement By January 1 st 2012, L’Spawns will have ready for distribution 10,000 cases of the new Naked product ‘Soif’, a seasonal Juice drink made from 40% California juice – delivered in a trendy re-usable bottle. Project Charter Produce a glass bottle from recycled material that can be reused or traded at vendor locations for immediate discount for Soif flavored juice beverages. Create a new economical juice drink made from local california fruit Create a catchy and appealing label

5 5 Stakeholders Naked – Sponsor Customers Manufactures Vendors Fruit producers Contractors

6 6 Assumptions/Constraints Project Assumptions Budget provided by Naked Production using existing Naked facilities Distribution using existing Naked infrastructure Project Constraints Vendor selections Limiting customer geography New Recyclable Program Introduction

7 7 Scope Project Scope In Scope: Design and acquire new bottle Develop new fruit drink recipe Design and produce bottle label Produce first batch of 10,000 cases Out of Scope: Distribution Manufacturing Acquiring capital

8 8 Juice Risks Risks RiskProbabilityImpactResponse Fruit unavailable MediumHigh adjust recipe/flavour of beverage to reflect fruits that are available Production is delayed Medium Find alternate production plant, call in experts to fix production machinery product from small scale production run is not good LowHigh adjust recipe/change fruit blend, add new flavor Juice

9 9 Label Risks Risks Label RiskProbabilityImpactResponse Not meet FDA requirement LowHigh Schedule earlier, certificated designer Printing is delayed Medium Prepare alternate resource at beginning; ask for process schedule Delivery is delayed Low Ask early delivery for finished printing

10 10 Bottle Risks Risks Bottle RiskProbabilityImpactResponse Recyclable Program Acceptance HighLow Include as a major component in marketing campaign Materials availability Medium Find alternate materials source in advance FDA Safety compliance issue LowHigh Consult the FDA post design to ensure compliance, certified designer

11 11 Deliverables 1) Bottle 2) Juice 3) Label

12 12 1) Bottle and Cap Finalize bottle design selection Vendor selection Prototype Final Bottle and Cap Delivery to Naked 2) Juice Vendor contracts signed Fruit Delivered Small scale production run completed Taste test/focus group completed Regulatory approval signed 3) Label Design file ready (2 weeks) Digital printing approval and delivery Milestones

13 13 Cost Add Big Picture Cost i.e. – estimate cost for the three big deliverables (and we’ll have a more detailed cost breakdown after the WBS – I think is the best way to do it, but not sure…)

14 14 I think it would be best to show the bar graphs of maybe the level three activities – because if we show bars for the level two activities – it is just going to be three solid bars going across from start to finish. And if we show level 4+ activities, the chart might start to get too confusing…. What do you think? And, include milestones? Also, should we include a bar for ‘project mgmt activities’ – mainly a small bar at the beginning of the timeline for planning and a small bar at the end of the timeline for close out activities…?? I agree, Dino, maybe a summary Gannt chart of our WBS? -pn Gantt Chart

15 15 WBS Quality Fruit Juice Label ContentsBrand Contents related to FDA codes PropertiesPaper Biodegrada ble glue 2”x12.75” Printing Plan Design file Digital printing Package Bottle material Material research RFPCap Material evaluation Prototype design Juice Fruit Vendor selection Choice of seasonal fruits Quality control FDA regulations Taste & Receipee ProductionTrial run Full scale run

16 16 (Should we abandon the left side grape for this particular slide, so we can make the actual chart bigger? - KP) Time Structure

17 17 Detailed cost breakdown of all WBS activities Example format….(? I’m just making this up…could be used for time structure as well, or… combine cost and time??) All 3 teams lack this part. ActivityTimeCost Materials Research5 days$800 Bottle Design5 days$2,500 Bottle Cap Design2 days$1,000 Safety seal testing1 day$1,500 Cost Breakdown Bottle Should this be as detailed as the WBS? Or should we group more generally? - KP

18 18 List WBS items Assign a code where appropriate: A – approves, S – supports, C – creates, I – informs, R - reviews PMSponsorJuice Team Bottle Team Label Team Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Responsibility Matrix

19 19 Don’t know what the best format for this is…what do you think? This is the content I came up with for Juice: Cost – looking for best value Quantity – need a vendor that produces large quantities Delivery - fast turn around time Location – the closer to production plant the better Availability – growers that offer a variety of fruit throughout the year Vendor Evaluation Criteria

20 20 Vendor Evaluation Criteria EXAMPLE Selection of Manufacturer CrtieriaWei ght Vendor 1 Vend or 2 Vendo r 3 Cost (lowest)33 ? 3 ? 1 ? Quality (best)23 ? 1 ? 3 ? Delivery (production & delivery) 15 ? 3 ? 1 ? Total Scores Selection: 1, 3, 5 (low, medium, and high) Weight x Selection = Select the highest total

21 21 Who needs to be communicated with? What to communicate How to communicate How often to communicate Naked Parent Company Project statusEmail/meetingsRegularly CustomersInformation about new product Marketing/adver tisements regularly Fruit VendorsOrdersContractsRegularly to check on orders Manufacturing Dept. Scheduling requirements Email/meetingsPrior to production date Need to add who’s responsible for communication -KP Communication Plan

22 22 Addendum

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