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K-5 Common Core Math Fall 2012 By: Teresa Hardin Amanda Tyner.

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1 K-5 Common Core Math Fall 2012 By: Teresa Hardin Amanda Tyner







8 Assessments Performance Tasks NCDPI – next 2 years; Released test in fall for EOC, spring for EOG Smarter Balanced –


10 videos/second-grade-math- lesson#

11 Math Problem A zoo has several ostriches and several giraffes. They have 30 eyes and 44 legs. How many ostriches and how many giraffes are in the zoo?

12 Norms Listen as an Ally Value Differences Maintain Professionalism Participate Actively

13 4 Questions of a PLC (DuFour) What do we want students to learn? How will we know if they have learned it? How will we respond when they don’t learn it? How will we respond when they already know it ?

14 Multiple Means of Representation Improve learning for all Non-verbal Modeling Pictures/videos Realia/Concrete objects Gestures Movement Manipulatives Demonstrations Hands-on Picture dictionaries Language Support Word banks Word walls Labels Graphic organizers Sentence starters Sentence frames

15 “My first day in an American school started with good news: all clocks were in Spanish! The bad news was devastating: I did not understand anything else. Years later, I realized that numbers and many other symbols were in a "language" that I could understand at that level, the academic language of mathematics”.bad Dr. Miriam Leiva is Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Emerita at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and author of several mathematics texts.

16 Three Mathematical Shifts Focus What do we want students to know and be able to do?

17 FOCUS Rather than racing to cover everything in today’s mile-wide, inch-deep curriculum, teachers use the power of the eraser and significantly narrow and deepen the way time and energy is spent in the math classroom.

18 Hong Kong/ U.S. Data Hong Kong had the highest scores in the most recent TIMSS. Hong Kong students were taught 45% of objectives tested. Hong Kong students outperformed US students on US content that they were not taught. US students ranked near the bottom. US students ‘covered’ 80% of TIMSS content. US students were outperformed by students not taught the same objectives

19 Navigations Alignment


21 Week by Week Essentials & Strategies

22 NCCTM Grade level specific Sessions addressing the Major Work K-2 Assessment –October 25-26, 2012 –Greensboro: Koury Convention Center

23 NCDPI K-5 Listserv Join the K-5 NCDPI Listserv –

24 You – We – I You: Provide a task/problem for students to solve that provides students opportunities to uncover the desired standard(s). We: Give opportunities for students to discuss and share strategies, thinking, and answers in small groups and as a class. I: As the teacher, drive home the key ideas that move students towards the desired target.

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