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Florida v. J.L. 2000 By: Juliannie Santiago Sarah Kennedy.

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1 Florida v. J.L By: Juliannie Santiago Sarah Kennedy

2 Constitutional Issue Under the Fourth Amendment, the search is unconstitutional illegal search and seizure.

3 Florida Description Was trying to uphold their law Anonymous tip Defending original arrest

4 J.L. Description 15 year old black male Got frisked without a reason Charged with carrying a weapon without license

5 Background of Case Anonymous received by Miami-Dade police violate his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

6 Majority Opinion They violated the Fourth Amendment 9 voted for J.L. 0 voted against

7 Other Court Opinions The unanimous opinion authored by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the court concluded that J.L. the anonymous tip did not meet the minimum requirements to perform a warrantless search.

8 Significance They judge by the appearance and they had no real reason and went by a tip.

9 Our Response to this Case The police needs clear and just cause to search an individual.

10 Sources of Information URL: 1999/1999/1999_98_1993 /1999/1999_98_1993 Name: Oyez URL: r0066.gif r0066.gif Name: Stu’s View

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