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Welcome to Department of Computer and Systems Sciences – DSV.

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1 Welcome to Department of Computer and Systems Sciences – DSV

2 Introduction Established in 1965-1966 Faculty of Social Sciences Research, graduate and undergraduate education Cooperation with society at large Located in Kista Science City – one of the largest IT clusters in the world 2

3 We focus on bridging the gap between, on one hand information technology, on the other hand the social and the behavioural sciences and the humanities 3

4 Our focus in the field is on design, construction and use of IT systems in their context – and on their relation to people, organizations and society 4

5 DSV in approximate figures 2013 Turnover: 238 MSEK Number of employees: about 291 Total number of students per year: 3 915; 47 % women Number of new undergraduate students: 581; 37 % women Number of new master’s students: 315 Number of doctoral students: 95; 25 % women Number of doctor degree; 8 5

6 Overview of DSV’s organisation 2014 6

7 New premises in Nod – Kista A new meeting place in Kista for learning, research and trade, and industry DSV will relocate to the new premises in July 2014 The new premises offer the potential for more modern forms of tuition Nod will also house office environments for small and medium-sized companies in the ICT sector 7

8 Four strong profile areas Design for Learning E-government ICT for Development Research in Arts and Technology in Society 8

9 15 Research areas Business Process Management and Enterprise Modeling Consumer-oriented mobile services Cyber Systems Security Data and text mining Design for Learning Digital games E-government and E-democracy Health informatics ICT for Development (ICT4D) Immersive Participation Interaction design IT Management Language Technology Risk and decision analysis Services Science 9

10 Unit of ACT in Communication with Technology Internet of Things; Sensors and more Games and gaming; Mobile games, Social games, Game Development Computer Science and Software Engineering 10

11 Unit of Information Systems Information systems design and use Business process management Enterprise modelling Health Care Analytics and Modeling IT management Service science and innovation 11

12 Unit of Interaction, Design and Learning Flexible learning Virtual cases of learning and assessment Simulation for learning ICT4D 12

13 Unit of Systems Analysis and Security Decision and risk analysis Big data, Innovation and eGov services Data mining Simulation of complex systems Security, privacy and trust Digital and cyber forensics 13

14 Undergraduate education – B.Sc. programmes Business Administration and Information Technology (with Stockholm Business School) Computer and Systems Sciences Computer Science and Software Engineering Computer Game Development – Construction Computer Game Development – Design Digital Media (with Dept. of Education and Dept. of Media Studies) Enterprise Systems and Service Design Interaction Design Market Communication and Information Technology (with Dept. of Advertising and Public Relations) 14

15 Graduate education – M.Sc. programmes Computer and Systems Sciences (One year M.Sc.) Computer and Systems Sciences Health Informatics (joint degree with Karolinska Institutet) Information Systems Management Information and Communication Technology for Development, ICT4D (Distance Program) Online IT Project Management (Distance Program) Decision-, Risk- and Policy Analysis (Only in Swedish) 15

16 Post-Graduate education – Ph.D. programmes Computer and Systems Sciences Information Society “Industry Ph.Ds” 16

17 Collaborations within education Royal College of Music in Stockholm Karolinska Institutet KTH Royal Institute of Technology: –School of Information and Communication Technology Royal Institute of Art Stockholm University: –Dept. of Advertising and Public Relations –Dept. of Education –Dept. of Media Studies –Stockholm Business School 17

18 International student exchange Europe: –Austria (3) –Bulgaria (2) –Danmark (2) –Finland (2) –France (6) –Germany (5) –Greece (2) –Italy –Lithuania –Malta –The Netherlands – Portugal – Spain (3) – Switzerland – Turkey (4) – United Kingdom Africa: –Morocco Asia: –China (5) –Taiwan 18

19 Centre in Arts and Technology in Society, CATS 2013 an agreement between Stockholm University (DSV), Royal Institute of Arts and Royal College of Music in Stockholm The partners contribute their respective expertise in artistic expression and technology Joint education and research 19

20 Digital Art Center Established in 2010 A real place where research and innovation in technology, media, and art are created and centered around the visibility and prominence of Kista Key players in the DAC are Stockholm University, Atrium Ljungberg, Interactive Institute, Swedish ICT, Library Stockholm, Kista Science City and Dreamhack 20

21 eGovlab Started in 2011 A centre for excellence in e-Governance To research and develop technologies as well as methodologies and their implications for inclusive governance and citizen service delivery 21

22 Mobile Life Centre Government funded (Vinnex) 2007–2017 The Centre includes research on consumer-oriented mobile and ubiquitous services Partners: Ericsson AB, Nokia Corporation, Microsoft Research, TeliaSonera, City of Stockholm, Kista Science City, STING, Company P, Bambuser 22

23 Service Science and Innovation Centre Established in 2010 Research is conducted with partners –the design of services and service systems –Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cooperation with Stockholm Business Region and Kista Science City 23

24 Spider – Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions Established in 2004 Sida funded Promotion and diffusion of Information and Communication Technology by building human capacity and enhancing knowledge for societal sustainability and progress in developing regions 24

25 25 RATS Theatre 25 groundbreaking digital theater on the Web, on the mobile and in the public domain. Lead development around the artistic, technical and innovative productions Works in close cooperation with other actors, artistic colleges, universities, institutions, theaters, museums, businesses and schools in the area.

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