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Gradebook Training click here to begin 7/16/2010.

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1 Gradebook Training click here to begin 7/16/2010

2 Click on Instruction

3 Click on Lesson Planner

4 Setting up Lesson Plan Preferences: Click on Term 1 Six Weeks

5 Choose the appropriate grading scale for your school and course. Click on the drop-down arrow under Grading Scale.


7 Click on the checkbox next to “Use weighting on groups” Weighting: If you are using weighting, you would check this box for each task group containing assignments. NEVER check the second box that begins Use each score’s percent… If you choose the wrong Grading Scale, things won’t display/calculate correctly in your Gradebook.

8 Click Save once we are finished discussing this screen.

9 Next Step.. Setting up Task Groups Once you get Lesson Plan Preferences set up for all applicable Grading Tasks, you will need to set up your folders. These are called Task Groups in Campus. Task Groups are where your assignments will be stored. Click HERE to continue.

10 Click on New Task Group

11 Here you would name your folder. We’ve named it for you and given it a weight of 25 Click on the Term 1-Six Weeks checkbox

12 Click on Term 2 Six Weeks. (We’ll check the other 4 for you. )

13 Once we have discussed this slide, we’ll click Save to continue. Here we can change the sequence if necessary. You can also check any of the following if they apply:

14 Student Groups If your class(es) have groups of students in it that will receive different assignments than the other students, creating student groups can help you with this. Student Groups allow you to take an assignment and assign it to a group of people in class rather than everyone. Naturally, assignments are automatically assigned to the entire class (unless you apply a student group). Click HERE to continue.HERE

15 Click on Student Groups

16 Click on New

17 We’ve named this group ESL for you. Click Save to continue.

18 Here, you would select the students that are part of this group. We’ve selected some for you. Click Save Students to continue.

19 Once we create an assignment, you’ll see how to assign a task to only that group of students. Our next step is to create assignments. Click here to

20 To Create an assignment, we must navigate back to the Lesson Planner. Click on Lesson Planner.

21 Click on New Assignment.

22 We’ve named the assignment Equations and the abbreviation is E1. This assignment is to be completed in the first term. Select Test & Quizzes – Term 1 SIX WEEKS.

23 Notice here that ESL is available in the Student Group drop-down. But, since we are going to assign this task to everyone in the class, we will not select a Student Group. Click here to continue and the rest of the fields in the Assignment screen will be auto-filled for to continue

24 Here is a glimpse of the entire assignment screen. We’ll take a moment to discuss the fields together. Click Save to save this assignment.

25 Notice the difference between the test & quizzes folder in the 1 st Six Weeks vs. Term 6 Six Weeks. There is now an assignment in the Term 1 Six Weeks Click on the [+] in front of Term 1 Six Weeks Test & Quizzes folder to view the assignment.

26 The Equations assignment is now displayed under Test & Quizzes for the 1 st Term. Click here to

27 Teacher Tube by Infinite Campus Infinite Campus has several videos on Teacher Tube available that explain different functions teacher can use in Infinite Campus. We’ll take a glance at the videos and then see how to use the Lesson Plan Copier and Copy Assignments tools.

28 Let’s take a look at the Gradebook now. Click on Gradebook.

29 There are several ways to enter grades. Once we have discussed this screen together, click here to view the screen that displays when you right click on an

30 The following drop-down displays when you right click on an assignment. Now, we’ll take a moment to discuss the options. Once we are finished discussing the options available on this screen, click here to

31 This is the last slide. We’ll take a look at reports in Infinite Campus If you have questions, please feel free to ask your instructor or visit the ICJCPS Info Site: and then navigate to: In A Nutshell > Teacher

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