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High School Admissions Process School District of Philadelphia, Charter, & Independent Schools.

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1 High School Admissions Process School District of Philadelphia, Charter, & Independent Schools

2 the more the options, the better  Look into as many choices as possible- What does that mean? PUBLIC, CHARTER, INDEPENDENT, ALTERNATIVE  Take initiative to explore as many schools as possible  Talk to your children throughout the process

3 The School District of Philadelphia Special Admissions Citywide Admissions Neighborhood Schools

4 Special Admissions  To be considered a qualified candidate: 1. PSSA scores : High Proficient - Advanced - High Advanced 2.Good attendance 3.Good behavior (i.e. lack of discipline problems/suspensions) 4. Grades of “A’s” and “B’s” in core subjects (Math, Science, Social Science, Reading/Language Arts) ** transcripts are also sent to each Special Admissions schools **may request writing sample with the application and interview process?

5 Citywide Admissions  To be considered a qualified candidate: 1.Participate in an on-site interview at most of these schools to be eligible for lottery selection for admission 2.Have grades of “A, B, or C” 3.Have good attendance and good behavior (less than 10 absences or 5 latenesses) **Submit a written essay

6 Neighborhood Schools  Open admissions to any student that lives in that school’s neighborhood (“feeder pattern.”)  Students who are not in the school’s feeder pattern but would still like to attend a neighborhood school outside of his/her neighborhood needs to apply. NOTE: admittance of non-feeder pattern students is based upon space after all students within the feeder pattern are admitted and lottery selection.

7 A Note to Parents  “Students with disabilities and English Language Learners are encouraged to apply to special admission and citywide admission high schools. Admission criteria may be waived for those students who, given accommodations, may be successful in requested schools, as determined by the appropriate school teams.”  Adapted from The School District of Philadelphia Secondary Education Guide.

8 High School Voluntary Transfer Application Form

9 Specifics about the Application  Biographical information: **Most Accessible phone numbers and mailing addresses  Make up to 5 appropriate choices, in ranked order  Transcripts to be filled out for all Citywide/Special Admissions schools  Sign and return by due date : Applications may be turned in early, but they will all be processed at the same time. ONLY ONE application per student!  As a Charter School student, these must be sent directly to the Office of Student Placement by the final due date (WCS has own due date so we can review and hand deliver)

10 More Specifics High school admission directories, forms and transcripts will be provided when they are available. Students will review high school process during Guidance : including the application, decision making, and essay writing/interview skills

11 GENERAL TIMELINE  September-October: Directories, WCS Fall HS Matters Night, SDP HS Expo, Research schools  September-March: HS visits-tours, shadows (families call schools directly)  BY end of OCTOBER: applications DUE (to WCS then to Office of Student Placement)  November-January: HS interviews, auditions  January-March: Decision making on applicants  March-summer: Notifications for all acceptances/declines/waitlist

12 WCS 2013 Graduates HIGH SCHOOLS LIST  (can be found on WCS website) Popular SPECIAL ADMISSIONS: Academy at Palumbo, Central, Girls HS, Parkway CC, Parkway NW, Saul, Science Leadership Academy, CAPA Popular CITY WIDE: Dobbins, Swenson, Constitution

13 Top –Rated SDP Schools  Special Admission: Carver, Girard Palumbo, Central, Bodine, CAPA, Franklin, HS for Girls, SLA, Benjamin Rush  City-wide: Motivation HS  * From

14 Charter Schools  Admission Criteria : *Not part of School District of Philadelphia Admissions process *Must contact schools directly to obtain information about academic, specialty, career and technical program offerings, to learn about admissions/applications  These schools admit students based upon lottery, so even though an application may be submitted early, that doesn’t guarantee admittance, however, apply early!

15 WCS 2012 Graduates CHARTER Schools Popular CHARTER Schools: Delaware Valley, Boys Latin, CHAD, Freire, Imhotep, New Media, SanKofa Freedom Academy, Multicultural, String Theory

16 Top-Rated Charter Schools  Freire, Mastery, New Foundations, Preparatory, Boy’s Latin, MCSCS, Multi- Cultural, Philadelphia Academy  * From

17 Independent/Private Schools  Admission Criteria : *Must contact schools directly to obtain information about academic, specialty, career and technical program offerings; and to learn about admissions/applications  SSAT:The Secondary School Admissions Test?? More information available upon request.

18 WCS 2012 Graduates INDEPENDENT SCHOOLs  INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS: Mercy Vocational, The George School, Cristo Rey, St. Andrews, Academy of New Church

19 Alternative Programs  Cyber high schools  Online schools

20 Resources  Philadelphia School District website Guides HS process for parents, including school directory.  Great Philly Schools- Excellent online resource to find the best Philly schools.  The Notebook - An independent voice for Philadelphia public schools.  A Better Chance- College Preparatory Schools

21 FOR REVIEW  WHO REMEMBERS… What are the THREE different types of School District of Philadelphia high schools?





26 Questions to Ask Ourselves  Is my child a qualified candidate for the schools of our choice?  What if s/he really wants to go to a particular school but is not qualified? What do I say/do?  Does my child benefit from a smaller setting or a larger setting?  Is a public school, private, or charter school best for my child?  What are all of my options?  What electives/extra-curricular activities are available?  What will be the travel time? Is my child an early riser? Will s/he want to go to and get out of school earlier?  Where will my child’s learning needs best be met?  Are there scholarships available? If so, where?  How do I make sure we don’t miss any deadlines?  Who can I talk to/When can I talk about specific questions/concerns about my child?

27 BE PROACTIVE!!  Hope for the best, and act on it!  Is there anything extra we can be doing at this time?  Research, research, research  Options, options, options

28 contact information  Erin Crowley, School Counselor  267.338.1020, extension 151 

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