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By: Gabe Martinez, Obi Rajis, Julie Schwartz, and Erica Whitson.

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1 By: Gabe Martinez, Obi Rajis, Julie Schwartz, and Erica Whitson

2  Our objective is to inform students, parents and the community about the current tuberculosis outbreak in Central Harlem of Westchester County. We will inform our audience of the symptoms, treatments and current statistics.

3  Four week period  Meet two times a week after class  Week 1: draft for brochure and start of power points  Week 2: Appropriate way to present to target audience, start public service announcement  Week 3: Have all draft materials done  Week 4: Have official power points done, Poster for kids and finalize the project


5  Most critical step  Primary-parents and teachers -U.S. born and Non U.S. born - Education level: 6 th grade and higher  Secondary-students - education level: 6 th -8 th grade  Reading level of over all audience: 6 grade +  Tertiary- community of Westchester County

6  Focus on the highly infected areas of New York  Time span from 1979 -1995  Derive from low socioeconomic conditions  Large immigrant population and minorities  Predominantly men in 1988 had TB  The highest rate of infection was in Central Harlem in Westchester County  The student audience will be from Westchester County schools

7  Good Afternoon to all my RocWear listeners! It is November 13, 1994 at 1:02pm. In just a minute we will have music by Ace of Base, Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, and Madonna, but we will get back on them in just a second. Right now I have something important to read for you guys, so listen up. Ron White, a 51 year old male bus driver for the Fulton County area School District, has been diagnosed positive with tuberculosis and students were potentially exposed. An investigation is being held by the Public Health Department. All students and other bus drivers who came in contact with this bus driver are to come in for routine testing. TST, short for Tuberculin Skin Test, is being offered to all students. For a precautionary, letters from the schools is being sent out to all parents. I don’t know, if it was me I’ll stay home if I were feeling sick, especially if I had a Job where I was in constant contact with young students. But I don’t know it can just be me, let me know what you think call in at 1-856-6932-3325 or 1-UKNOWDADEAL. You can also hit me up at my website and comment on my story board, DON’T HOLD BACK! Ok, so anyway Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that usually affects the lungs or other parts of the body too, like kidneys or bones. Anyone can be affected, especially people with weak immune systems. Symptoms to watch out for are things like a light fever, sweating (especially at night), fatigue, weight loss, and a continuous cough. Ooh, some people just might not have any symptoms at all. I don’t know guys this can be bad. Don’t worry; G-Man will be here every step of the way reporting results and hopefully a good conclusion. Remember you hear it FIRST on RocWear Live. I have to pee so listen to The Sign by Ace of

8  Hip-Hop and R&B station  Mainly Targets our secondary audience the students  It also extends to reach out to the community as well as some parents  Allows community feedback through a website ( and phone calls (1- 856-6932-3325 or 1-UKNOWDADEAL)

9  Light fever, weight loss, a continuous cough; Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that usually affects the lungs. Due to a recent outbreak in Westchester County School District, the Tuberculin Skin Test is being offered to all their students. Anyone can be affected, especially people with weak immune systems. For more information contact your child’s school principal or see the school district’s website at for dates and times on upcoming community events. Come, share, gain, give, get tested. The time is now.

10  What is TB?  Symptoms  Precautions to prevent spread  Treatment  Statistics  Contacts


12  Poster for Secondary audience (students): -Basic facts about TB -Symptoms -Treatments -Who to contact -Attractive to kids to get attention -Posted in schools and bus stops

13  Power point presentation will be used to target our primary and tertiary audience (secondary audience may attend as well)  The presentation will include the same information as the brochure and poster such as in depth detail on TB, health authorities contact information, etc.  Presentations will be held at public schools in Central Harlem of Westchester County

14  Brudney K, Dobkin J. Resurgent tuberculosis in New York City. Human immunodeficiency virus, homelessness, and the decline of tuberculosis control programs. Am Rev Respir Dis. 1991 Oct;144(4):745-9. PubMed PMID: 1928942.  Communicable disease annual reports and related information. (2009, November). Retrieved from  Frieden TR, Fujiwara PI, Washko RM, Hamburg MA. Tuberculosis in New York City--turning the tide. N Engl J Med. 1995 Jul 27;333(4):229-33. PubMed PMID: 7791840.  Tuberculosis (tb). (2009 june 1).

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