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and the Decision to Isolate China from the World

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1 and the Decision to Isolate China from the World
The Voyages of Zheng He and the Decision to Isolate China from the World

2 What do you know about Zheng He?
Get into Groups of three and use the handout to guide your discussion If no one in your group remembers anything go on to the next question You will be in charge as a class of all the information on the sheet If you have questions please raise your hand and I will come around and help You have 10 minutes to do this task (participation grade 10 pts)

3 Zheng He What do you know about Zheng He?
How many voyages did Zheng He go on? How big were his fleets? How many people went of these voyages? Why did Zheng He go on these voyages? What benefit did these voyages bring to Ming China? What benefit did these voyages bring to the Ming Emperor?

4 Where did Zheng He go on these voyages?

5 Ming Dynasty Simulation
You are going to advise the Emperor on the decision to continue supporting a strong navy and these voyages to far away lands

6 Chinese Bureaucracy The Emperor Censorate Grand Secretariat Personnel
Revenue Rites War Justice Public Works Censorate Ministry of Personnel – was in charge of who was appointed to different posts in the bureaucracy and making sure that that people were doing their jobs Ministry of Revenue – was in charge of taxation and the finances of the Imperial Court Ministry of Rites – was in charge of court protocol and organizing the religious duties of the Emperor and managed relations with the tributary states and administering the civil service exams Ministry of War – was in charge of the Army and Navy making sure that they had weapons, food, and proper training Ministry of Justice – was in charge of legal matters, including courts and prisons Ministry of Works – was in charge of all government building projects. This includes palaces, temples, waterways, canals, and minting money.

7 Point of View When you will be simulating Ming Officials Here are some things that you need to remember You have a point of view (be strong) You want to influence to the Emperor to benefit you (get him to make a decision to benefit you) You need to understand the Emperor’s base of power (Some people have more influence over him than others) You need to understand the events of the time (Will help you influence the Emperor’s decisions) You need to understand the Emperor’s likes and dislikes (so that you can influence him more effectively)

8 Emblems

9 Emblems

10 Emblems

11 Emblems

12 Emblems

13 Ming Dynasty Events Capital has been changed from Nanjing to Beijing
Confucian exams have been placing people who believe in Confucian values in positions in the government. These people tend to be more conservative when it comes to foreign ideas and products. To build the Forbidden City the Chinese needed good lumber. Most of this lumber has been cut down in China. Areas in the south still have forests and Vietnam to the south has it as well. The Ming have been fighting a war with the Kingdom of Annon (Vietnam) and have not been very successful. This has cost a lot of money and men. The Grand Canal has just been refurbished and extended. It was a very expensive project and needs to be used so the government can justify spending the money on it. It is also a good chance for the Emperors to strengthen their power base in the north. The Great Wall has been refurbished and the Ming have spent a lot of money building and strengthening the wall. The Chinese have been fighting wars with the Empire of Annam (Modern Vietnam) and things have not gone very well. Zheng He’s voyages to the Indian Ocean. It has taken a lot of lumber and resources to build and maintain these voyages.

14 Recommendations to the Emperor
Point of View Speeches Introduce who helped make the speech Use at least three events from your list in your speech to help back up your point of view Makes sure that you give your opinion on continuing the voyages of Zheng He Makes sure that your group is able to defend your position (I will ask you why you recommended to end or continue the voyages)

15 Maps

16 Maps

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