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Foreign Policy: Wait and See

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1 Foreign Policy: Wait and See
George H. W. Bush Foreign Policy: Wait and See

2 1989: The Year of Miracles

3 Tiananmen Square Demonstrations

4 General Secretary Deng Xiaoping

5 Tank Man

6 Tiananmen Square Massacre

7 Tiananmen Square

8 Fall of the Berlin Wall November 9, 1989

9 Fall of 1989: Berlin Crowds Gathered
1989 Spirit of Revolution Fall of 1989: Berlin Crowds Gathered

10 November 9, 1989 6:53 pm East German official commented on travel laws "Well, as far as I can see, ... straightaway, immediately."

11 10:30 pm (November 9, 1989) Berlin Border Opened

12 Fall of the Berlin Wall

13 Fall of the Berlin Wall

14 Who helped to bring down the Berlin Wall?

15 US Response: “A Pause” Why did Herby “pause?”
Working without US support Fear of counter revolution Might not work –look bad Personal relationship with Gorbachev

16 Berlin Wall Today

17 Berlin Wall (Today) George H. W. Bush Library

18 Berlin Wall (Las Vegas)

19 German Reunification October 3, 1990
Chancellor Helmut Kohl

20 Thaw in the Cold War Continued

21 Mikhail Gorbachev Nobel Peace Prize (1990)
Ronald Reagan Freedom Award (1992) Times Person of the Decade (1990) Times Person of the Year (1987 and 1989)

22 Washington Summit May 30 – June 3, 1990
Main Accomplishment: cut arms to Iraq

23 Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) November 19, 1990
Major turning point in American-Soviet relations Mandated the destruction of excess weaponry Cut conventional forces in Europe to the same levels US Win: Soviets had to cut more

24 START I (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) July 31, 1991
Nuclear Missiles US 7,200 Soviets 6,000 US Victory: US permitted to keep more missiles

25 Soviet Coup August 18, 1991 Attempted to overthrow Gorbachev and instill a more hard-lined Communistic government

26 President Bush did not accept coup leaders
Coup lasted only 2 days and Gorbachev returned to power

27 Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Yeltsin gives a speech defying the coup attempt, giving rise to his popularity

28 Soviet Union Map

29 Coup Ended August 18 - 21, 1991 Gorbachev emerges from hiding

30 Gorby Losing Power After the coup attempt, soviet satellites began attempting to free themselves of the Soviet Union All power swung to Yeltsin Banned the Communist Party from Russia

31 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
December 8, 1991

32 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

33 End of the Soviet Union December 25, 1991
Gorbachev resigns as leader of the SU

34 START II (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) Signed 1993, Ratified 2000
Nuclear Warheads US 3,500 Russia 2,997 US Win: US permitted to keep more warheads

35 Causes for the Fall of the Soviet Union
Poor condition of Soviet economy Excessive military spending Gorbachev’s reforms – too good Fall of the Berlin Wall

36 Growing Drug Problems in the US
Whose Fault? Not Americans

37 Panamanian President Manuel Noriega
Drug Middleman 1988 Florida charges Problem US Ally Helped fight communism Trained Contras initially then began to aid the Sandinistas Grew in power in Panama and controlled military

38 Operation Just Cause (Panama) December 20, 1989

39 Operation Just Cause 22,500 US troops (23 killed) 27 targets involved
$1 billion in damages

40 Hid in the Vatican Embassy
Capturing Noriega Hid in the Vatican Embassy

41 President Manuel Noriega
Captured (1989) Trial and Jail (1992) 40 years, later 30 years Released??? September 9, 2007 “Panama” by Van Halen

42 over 300,000 Somalis were killed in the famine and civil war
Somalia over 300,000 Somalis were killed in the famine and civil war

43 Operation Restore Hope December 9, 1992
28,150 peacekeepers -ended famine

44 Herby: A Foreign Policy Guru

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