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nloads/animations.shtml nloads/animations.shtml Your genome

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1 nloads/animations.shtml nloads/animations.shtml Your genome age/modules/genome/dna2.cfm age/modules/genome/dna2.cfm

2 Lesson 7 Objectives: To be able to discuss the ethics of genetic modification in particular its use in developing countries.

3 Genetic Technology Here are the opening paragraphs from two websites introducing genetic engineering – which one is Greenpeace and which is Monsanto? 1. Today, biotechnology holds out promise for consumers seeking quality, safety and taste in their food choices; for farmers seeking new methods to improve their productivity and profitability; and for governments and non-governmental public advocates seeking to stave off global hunger, assure environmental quality, preserve bio-diversity and promote health and food safety. 2. Genetic engineering enables scientists to create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that does not occur naturally. These genetically modified organisms (GMO) can spread through nature and interbreed with natural organisms, thereby contaminating non 'GE' environments and future generations in an unforeseeable and uncontrollable way. Their release is 'genetic pollution' and is a major threat because GMOs cannot be recalled once released into the environment.

4 Using Task 1 Find the definition of genetically modified crops List the potential benefits and risks Task 2 Use this website to complete the sheet ‘GM Crops’. Imagine you are in the role of the different groups given and give the goals, rights and responsibilities of these groups. You will then represent theses different groups in turn and argue your case.

5 Genetic engineering is the scientific alteration of genes or genetic material to produce desirable new traits in organisms or to eliminate undesirable ones. It means removing one gene from one living organism and putting it into another.

6 ‘GM crops should be allowed in the UK’ ‘GM crops should be allowed in developing countries’



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