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English III online learning 2010-2011 The Great Gatsby and The American Dream.

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1 English III online learning 2010-2011 The Great Gatsby and The American Dream

2 Unit Plan Summary  Students have studied the developing philosophies of America through the primary sources of the Puritans, Revolutionaries and the Transcendentalists. They will now look at the 1920’s to draw comparisons on the concept of the American Dream and make connections to our world today.

3 Curriculum Framing Questions  Essential Question:  What is the American Dream and to what extent does it exist today?  Unit Question:  As a high school student, how are you affected by the American Dream?  Can class status be changed?  To what extent are characters disillusioned, or unsatisfied with their lives (e.g., their relationships, employment, social status, wealth, families, personal histories, etc.)?  Content Questions:  How do the characters embody or fail to embody the American Dream in The Great Gatsby?  To what extent does Gatsby’s wealth, and all the luxuries that it provides, affect his ability to achieve what he desires? How do other characters’ attitudes toward wealth affect what happens throughout the narrative?  How does Fitzgerald use language to convey his themes?

4 Vision for this Unit  By creating this unit,  I want to explore new technology to incorporate a fresh perspective on literature and history.  I want to use multimedia sources to generate interest in the classroom.  I would like students to understand the importance of the novel in its context and in the context of today through multiple sources, including music, video and audio.

5 Project Approach  As my students work on this project, they  Understand themes of the 1920’s  Collaborate with peers  Create a presentation to demonstrate learning  Share their learning with the class

6 21 st Century Learning  Students will develop higher-order and 21 st century learning skills in this unit by,  Use the essential questions to guide their understanding of the novel  Communicate their ideas with the class  Reflect on their reading, speaking, research and writing throughout the unit  Use project assessments to self-assess and give feedback to their peers

7 Gauging Student Needs Assesment  Use CFQ to learn  Students knowledge about the 1920’s  Explore the characters in the novel  Assess 21 st Century Skills  Ability to compare the historical context of the 1920’s and today

8 Requests for Feedback  Need help with relevant media sources and to stay current in the unit  Need help engaging students to read and understand the characters actions

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