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2012 Georgia Rural Health IT Conference GA-HITREC Technical Services for Critical Access and Rural Hospitals Presenter: Barbara Scarlette January 26, 2012.

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1 2012 Georgia Rural Health IT Conference GA-HITREC Technical Services for Critical Access and Rural Hospitals Presenter: Barbara Scarlette January 26, 2012

2 2 It is our aim to become the Health Information Technology Center for physicians and CAH/RH across the state of Georgia We are here to serve YOU!

3 3 Vendor Selection Assistance EHR System “Go-Live” Support and MU Gap Analysis Attestation Assistance Medicaid Medicare Existing Technical Service Areas for CAH/RH (Free)

4 4 Privacy and Security: Assessment & Remediation Paper Chart Conversion to Digital Charts Reimbursement Services for Medicaid and Medicare ICD-10: Assessment & Remediation Services Information Technology and Telecom Services New Technical Service Areas for CAH/RH (Fee-Based)

5 5

6  FACT: The majority of facilities will receive a financial benefit from participation in the EHR Incentive payment program a thorough reimbursement program ensures timely participation and collection: ◦ Calculation of payment provides facilities a tangible goal and provides motivation to collect funds. ◦ Proper completion of state calculators leads to expedited processing of EHR payments. ◦ Maximization of the Medicaid EHR payment for both Medicaid and Medicare. ◦ Reimbursement services cover the entire spectrum of the process from registration to the collection of funds. 6 The primary goal of GA-HITREC’s Incentive Reimbursement Service is to assist providers collect the maximum available funds in the shortest time possible.

7  Reimbursement services comprise activities in the following areas: ◦ Planning ◦ Payment calculation ◦ Registration ◦ Acquisition ◦ Implementation ◦ Regulatory compliance ◦ Medicaid schedules completion and submission ◦ Attestation ◦ Payment collection 7 Reimbursement services cover the entire spectrum of the process from registration to the collection of funds. Our #1 goal is to work together with your staff to develop a plan to meet all of the regulatory and compliance requirements necessary for your facility to collect its share of available funds as quickly as possible

8 8

9  Michele Madison, a Partner at Morris Manning & Martin, LLC, who specializes in the Healthcare laws, will partner with GA-HITREC to assist the hospitals and providers.  Michele provides general legal advice to health systems and physicians in various regulatory and business matters. She will support and advise on the implementation of compliance plans for HIPAA privacy and security regulations, including the proper policies and procedures to address the hospital and providers vulnerabilities.  The Privacy and Security legal services will also focus upon the unique nature of the implementation and integration of the rural providers information systems with other providers, the patient privacy concerns that are unique to a rural provider setting and the regulations that directly apply to rural health providers. 9 Privacy and Security: Legal Services

10  Our assessment and remediation services: ◦ Addresses policies and procedures for over 50 HIPAA citations ◦ Provide assistance to hospital/practice administrators in preparing necessary documentation in order to meet compliance standards ◦ Provide assistance with disaster recover and contingency documentation ◦ Reduce the complexity, fuss and presumptions of complying with the law and help ensure that your hospital is up to date, safe, and secure. 10 Privacy and Security: Assessment and Remediation We provide assessment and remediation services comprised of tools, reports and policies and procedures so that your hospital is HIPPA complaint, safe, and secure We do not provide an ordinary “self assessment” questionnaire. A team of our experts will use their knowledge in the area of Privacy and Security to help you complete assessment activities.

11 11

12 Benefits:  Immediately frees up staff workload, as charts are no longer scattered in various locations; reclaim space used for chart storage.  Because our solution is designed to replicate your physical charts, hospital staff becomes comfortable viewing charts on a computer screen  A segmented implementation allows office staff to get comfortable with workflow changes as they transition from paper to electronic health records.  Duplication of systems is removed as all Clinical Records are available to every computer in an office instantly 12 Our specialized processes, software, and approach allow hospitals to make complete transition from paper to digital records in months not years. Clinical records are digitized and are accessible via the eCharting Explorer Medical Document Management System Paper Charts GA-HITREC eCharting Solution Digital Charts

13 13

14 14 Are You Ready for ICD-10? ICD-10 will greatly expand the number of codes available for both describing diagnoses and procedures from the currently used ICD-9 codes. There are an estimated 68,000 ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes for use in all clinical care settings and another 87,000 codes for ICD-10- PCS that can be used to report inpatient services.

15 15 14,000 Diagnosis Codes 4,000 Procedure Codes Angioplasty (procedure code) 1 code 39.50 Pressure Ulcer (diagnosis codes) 7 codes 707.00-707.99 Shows location but not depth No Equivalent ICD-9 Code Indicated through notes and other methods 68,000 Diagnosis Codes 87,000 Procedure Codes Angioplasty (procedure code) 854 different codes 047K047 Specify body part, approach, and device Pressure Ulcer (diagnosis codes) 125 different codes L89.131 Show specific location, depth, severity, occurrence Y71.3 Surgical Instruments, materials, cardiovascular devices associated with adverse incidents ICD-9 ICD-10 Source: Adapted from United Healthcare ICD10 Transition Playbook ICD-10 Requires Extensive Documentation at the Granular Level

16  GA-HITREC provides Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Hospitals with the only tool on the market that includes a proprietary ICD-10 Work Plan that integrates an enterprise- wide road map with the activities (assessment, remediation, training and project management) that need to be completed to have a successful ICD-10 implementation. 16 The need for a large staff of high price consultants for all aspects of the assessment and remediation process are eliminated.

17  Accelerate the collection of Assessment Data across sites and departments,  Provide an integrated view of a ICD-10 Work Plan and any documented Issues,  Share linkages of required Governance to support this enterprise-wide initiative,  Issue real time reports to Compliance sponsors and project participants, and  Collect and coordinate Vendor Contracts, Contingency Plans and Test Plans in a single location. 17 Most hospitals and health systems prefer to manage and engage in ICD-10 compliance, whenever possible, with their own internal resources. As such, our team of subject matter experts has developed the U-Test-IT ® Toolkit, a Self-Assessment tool that provides CAH/RH with the following benefits:

18 Pre-Loaded ICD-10 Work Plan with Integration to Governance, Issues Tracking and Reporting Functionality 18

19 Built In Vendor Contact Management System 19

20 System Generated Reports for Executives, Sr. Management, Users, etc. 20

21 21

22 22 Patient Tracking Software Electronic Medical Records Local Area Network Database storage Accounting & billing Phone system Email Servers Desktop PC Remote IT Support Internet Connectivity Telecom Connectivity Critical Access Hospitals Rural Hospitals On-Site IT Support Current State of Hospital Information Technology Most hospitals operate within a very complex IT and Telecommunications Environment: 24/7/365 IT Services Ongoing Maintenance Crisis Management Connectivity Hardware Software Upgrades Compliance Disaster Recovery

23 23 QUESTION How can hospitals operating within already complex IT and Telecommunications environments begin leveraging new and existing technology in a way that would allow them to devote more time to quality of care?

24 24 ANSWER Transfer, Consolidate, and Improve the Day-to-Day Management of Internal IT and Telecommunication Needs Telecom & Communications GA-HITREC’s IT Partner is also Licensed Phone Company Broadband Internet Access Wireless Networks Wireless Backup Circuits Telephone Circuits Phone Support Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Secure Data Backup Hardened Data Center Services Information & Data Security Relocate Critical Infrastructure Prevent Data and Infrastructure Loss Backup Telecom Services Managed IT Services Local Area Networks Desk Tops Mobile devices Servers & Data Bases EMR E-Mail Systems Accounting, Billing & HR Systems

25 25 Cloud servers desktops voip virtual filing data center software wireless backup link fiber Managed Services pbx phone system on-site support  Management of Internal IT & Telecom  24/7/365 Support & Call Center  IT Experts  On Site IT Support  Predictable Costs  Remote Access to Information  Data Security & Compliance  Training of Medial Professionals on IT Systems & Support  One vendor for all services! Consolidation of all IT Services Through ONE Vendor

26  GA-HITREC Technical Services 26

27 GA-HITREC National Center for Primary Care 720 Westview Drive, SW l Suite 226 l Atlanta l GA l 30310-1495 Phone: 877-658-1990 Contact Information Barbara Scarlette GA-HIRERC Technical Service Lead Phone: 678-656-1640 Email

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