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Author or Editor? Many think that Sparks is actually the author of Go Ask Alice, critics argue that the activities that the main character participated.

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2 Author or Editor? Many think that Sparks is actually the author of Go Ask Alice, critics argue that the activities that the main character participated in were just unbelievable for a fifteen year old girl to partake in. Beatrice Sparks is an American therapist and Mormon youth counselor. She is known for producing books purporting to be the ‘actual diaries' of troubled teenagers. The books deal with topical issues such as drug abuse, Satanism, teenage pregnancy and AIDS, and are presented as cautionary tales. Even though Sparks always presents herself as only the discoverer and editor of the diaries, records at the U.S. Copyright Office show that in fact she is listed as the sole author for all but two of them. Books By Sparks Finding Katie the diary of an Anonymous teenager. Kim Empty Inside the diary of an Anonymous teenager. Treacherous Love the diary of an Anonymous teenager. It Happened To Nancy Annie’s Baby the story of an Anonymous pregnant teenager.

3 So…… do I recommend this book to others? Go Ask Alice is a page turning and engaging diary of the daily life of a teenage drug user. The material within this publication is very graphic, therefore I don’t recommend Go Ask Alice to a younger audience, however, I do recommend this book to all high-school and college-age students who may be going through a drug crisis. All n’ all I really enjoyed this book and it’s direct honesty.

4 Alice : Alice is the main character, the protagonist and the person responsible for the diary entries. She experiments with drugs and the counterculture to escape her high level of loneliness and low self-esteem. Richie : Richie is Alice's college boyfriend until she leaves home the first time. Alice sells drugs to help Richie someday attend medical school. Joel : Joel is a working-class freshman. He attends Alice's father's university. His father died when he was young, his mother works in a factory. He works as a janitor to pay his tuition. He is gentle in his romantic relationship with Alice, spiritual in a non- religious way. Joel is also wise about many things, especially loss. Babbie : Alice meets Babbie in the mental hospital. She is a young former prostitute and drug addict. Beth : Beth is Alice's Jewish neighbor, a nice girl with whom Alice bonds at first however, after Alice's drug use, Alice finds has changed.

5 Dr. Miller : The psychiatrist at Alice's mental hospital. He is overly sympathetic to Alice's case and really wants to help her overcome. Chris : a young lady who is a year ahead of Alice, she and Alice becomes best friends and decides to run away from home, together they opened a boutique. Jan : One of Alice’s old friends who used drugs. Jan threatens Alice when she won't go back to her old drug using ways and eventually gets Alice put in the mental institution. Ted : Richie's roommate who has a secretive homosexual relationship with him. Sheila : Sheila is a wealthy older lady, she’s really into drugs and sex. She gives Chris a job in her hip San Francisco boutique. ( Sheila and her friends also gave Alice and Chris drugs and sexually abused them.

6 1. This author has no books available in our media center. Books by or Edited by Beatrice Sparks. Jay’s Journal 1997 It Happened To Nancy 1994 Annie’s Baby 1998 Almost Lost 1996 Finding Katie 2005 Kim: Empty Inside 2002 Treacherous Love 2000

7 When Someone You Love Is Addicted By: Jessica Hanan Copyright: 1999 Call#: 362.29HAN. The War Against drugs By: Michael Kerrigan Copyright: 2003 Call#: R364.1KER

8 RelatedWebsitesRelatedWebsitesRelatedWebsitesRelatedWebsites NIDA for Teens “ The science Behind Drugs.” : 02/23/11. The Saint Jude Retreat: 02/23/11. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: 02/23/11.

9 Just To Sum Things Up! The book of Go Ask Alice was the real life diary of a teenage girl. Alice starts life off just as any other normal child. However normalcy would all change. In the beginning of this diary Alice explains why she bought her diary. She couldn’t open up to her friends, she was simply too embarrassed to let them know how she felt about life and how Rodger had asked her out but didn’t show up. Shortly after Alice gets the news from her parents that they would be moving due to her father’s new job. When Alice moves to the new city she meets Beth. She and Beth becomes great friends.

10 Then Beth went to summer camp and Alice went back to her home town to visit her grandparents. There, she meets Jill Who gets her into drugs. After returning home she meets Chris, and Chris introduces her to her boyfriend’s, best friend named Richie. With the help of Richie, Alice gets deeper into drugs. Alice starts to sell drugs for Richie to hopefully raised money to pay for him to go to medical school. She begin to sell to elementary and middle school aged children. Then, after finding Richie and ted having sex with one another, both Alice and Chris decides to run away from home and to open up their own boutique.

11 Once they reached their destination they had no where to stay so they rented a hotel room. Chris got a job working at this high class boutique with a beautiful lady named Shelia. Alice also found a job. After being there for a while the two girls became friends with Shelia, and she invited them to a number of parties that was hosted at her apartment. However, the last time they attended one of Shelia’s parties they found that Shelia and her friends were having sex with them after being drugged. Alice returned home, ran away again, returned, then ended up in a mental hospital.

12 There she meets Dr. Miller and Babbie. There Alice finds her calling which is social work. Alice soon returns home and she seems to be progressing. The she decided to do a way with her diary. Then three weeks later her parents found her in her bed dead due to a drug overdose.

13 Plot Development The main conflict of Go Ask Alice is Man vs. Man Throughout the diary one can tell that the biggest struggle that Alice has is self-discipline. Every time she say’s she not going to do drugs she always ends up going backwards. In most diaries the main conflict it more often than not Man vs. Man

14 Rising Action(s) Alice is drugged while at a friends house in her home town while visiting her grandparents. Alice Becomes promiscuous. Alice runs away from home with Chris, Alice Returns home Alice was slipped dangerous drugs by the stoner kids.

15 The “ Climax” While high Alice loses her virginity to a boy she doesn’t even care about, Alice then thinks she’s pregnant. Could it Be? While on the road( running away from home for the2 nd time.) Alice and Chris a Giving drugs by Sheila only to find that they had been sexually abused while under the influence. Was this enough to send Alice back home? While baby sitting Alice the stoner Kids slipped her some bad drugs making Alice feel as if bugs had overtaken her face and body and caused her to almost scratch off her entire face. What will happen to Alice after this?

16 Falling Action(s) Alice is assured that she isn’t pregnant after she gets enough courage to go back home. Alice decides that her actions were not the best and decides to go squared. Alice ends up in a mental hospital after badly hurting her self due to a bad drug trip. There Alice meets Babbie and began to find her niche in life. Alice is really on the path of regaining her sanity. However will Alice succeed?

17 “resolution” Alice is released from the mental institution with the help of her father. When Alice gets home she is shocked to find out that her old piano teacher wants her to so a solo at her upcoming band concert. Alice then begins to practice. In Alice’s last entry she explains how she is scared to return to school, the she decides that she is too old to continue to write out her feelings. Alice decides that talking to other about her feeling will help her to become a great social worker.

18 Taken from the last page of Go Ask Alice …. “The subject if this book died three weeks after her decision not to keep another diary. Her parents came home from a movie and found her dead. They called the police and the hospital but there was nothing anyone could do. Was it an accidental overdose? A premeditated overdose? No one knows, and in some ways that question isn’t important. What must be concern is that she died, and that she was only one of thousands of drug deaths that year.” - Beatrice Sparks.

19 Work Cited Page. "Beatrice Sparks Books." Shop bop, 1996. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.. Beatrice Sparks." Good Reads. N.p., 2011. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.. Nida, Dr.. "The Science Behind Drug Abuse." NIDA for Teens. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.. Sparks, Beatrice, ed. Go Ask Alice. New York, N.Y: Copper Penny Music Publishing Co., 1971. Print. St Jude Retreat House™, Dr.. "Drug Addiction is Not a Disease, Alcoholism is Not a Disease.." The Saint Jude Retreat.. Drug Rehab Alternatives, 2007. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.. "Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.." SAMHSA. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Feb. 2011..

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