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Action Plan Ashley Nichols Mackenzie Padula Mya Lanasa Michelle Robbins Sam Gariepey.

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1 Action Plan Ashley Nichols Mackenzie Padula Mya Lanasa Michelle Robbins Sam Gariepey

2 Petition May 26, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: Hello, we are the G period CP Government class of Tourtellotte Memorial High School in Thompson, Connecticut. Our teacher, Mr. Tom Driscoll assigned us a class project last month to come up with a policy we would like to add or change in our school, community, town, state, or even, the country. The first step to this process was to decide on what policy we would choose. In the end our decision was to improve the health status of our school. A way we believe we can improve on this is by adding healthy vending machines in the school cafeterias. There are many ways that these vending machines could improve on our health status. For one, it could prevent students from making the wrong choice of eating junk food over healthy organic snacks. The company that we have been researching for nearly a month, Yo-Naturals, is one of the top competitors in health food sales within school districts. This business buys products from major health food industries and distributes them throughout the vending machines in schools. Basically, what we are asking you is to consider the possibility of adding these products to our school. After polling students, taxpayers, parents and teachers the majority has agreed that this will be a productive, useful choice. To show how many people approve and want to add healthy snacks to our school we’ve attached a petition of every individual that agrees to this policy. So overall, I hope that you realize how important this is to our class. By getting this we can show that not only are we able to improve on our schools health, but we can also make a very big impact in our school and community. Thank you for your time, Mr. Driscoll’s G Period CP Government Class

3 Tangible Evidence Eliminate hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. Improve nutrition, and increase physical activity. Approach principal with specific, positive ideas. Attend PTA meetings. Have a Suggestion Box. Find other schools with same problem and what their solution is. Send proposals to town members. Interview parents, and other town people who may be affected by it.


5 Benefits There are two major benefits to our plan. 1.The school and company will make profit. 2.The students themselves will benefit greatly by having vending machines at their convenience. Students who are involved in after school sports and activities will be able to have a snack instead of waiting until they get home.

6 Support In order to achieve the goal of making Tourtellotte Memorial high school a healthier school we need supporters. Our goal is to achieve the support of the school board, parents, state, and most of the students here in Thompson.

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