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Creative Writing Fernando Cantu AP English Literature Mrs. Saunders.

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1 Creative Writing Fernando Cantu AP English Literature Mrs. Saunders

2 Creative Writing: Why this topic? Future career interests Major or minor in college book-review-les-miserables-by-victor.html

3 Foundation: History Ancient Sumeria (2750 and 2500 BCE.) “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” One of the oldest stories ever written

4 Foundation: The English Language and its contributions English is the second most used language in the world The Shakespearean sonnet and the Spenserian sonnet Shakespeare and the Dewey Decimal System portrait 00085150/

5 Foundation: The creative writing process Outlines, scheduling. manuscripts, revisions Editors, literary agents, and publishers Writer’s block http://www.perma-

6 Product: Create a novella A Failure to Preserve a Creed

7 Excerpt I woke up in a dirty room filled with papers on the floors. I got up easily realizing there were no wounds on me. I looked around and saw there was no door or any windows, just a dirty white room with me in it and papers all over the floors. I figured this must be a dream because it certainly doesn’t look like heaven to me. I picked up one of the papers and saw that it only had one word of text written on it “Obsession”. Obsession? Was the paper addressed to me? I picked up another it had the word “Liar” on it. Liar was a word that applied to me as well. I picked up a third paper afraid of what is was going to say next. The text was “Murderer”. I dropped the papers. I looked at the ground and saw that all papers were now covered in words. Every paper had an adjective to describe me. I saw the words: self- righteous, vigilante, killer, fake, and in big bold letter the word monster. Then I heard a voice that I have not heard for five years and I should not even be hearing. “Hello Dwade”, I turned around and to my horror there he was John Stevenson’s, the wan who murdered Alison all those years ago, the man who is to blame for the Voice Killer, and the man who is responsible for the body count in this city. Every death can be traced back to him.

8 Mentor: Angela Dozier Works as a English Teacher at Asheboro Highs School

9 What did I learn? Writing a longer story Learning the writing process and the editing process Working with deadlines and editors

10 Product: 15 hours with mentor Mentor was my editor Mentor also gave me writing advice

11 Obstacles: Working on a story with a deadline Writing a longer story than eight pages

12 Thank you for your time Any Questions

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