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Freshman Seminar Exam Review. Note Taking Skills  Cornell  Graphic Organizer  Classic.

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1 Freshman Seminar Exam Review

2 Note Taking Skills  Cornell  Graphic Organizer  Classic

3 Which style of notes? 1.____Uses Roman numerals 2.____Leaves space for questions 3.____Has several different forms 4.____Helps people visualize ideas 5.____Has space for explanation of details 6.____Is useful for taking notes of long descriptions 7.____Helps structure an essay 8.____Leaves space for key words 9.____Can be used for comparisons and contrasts

4 Top 5 Hire Qualities

5 Careers Vocabulary JOB= a specific piece of work; a task, chore, or duty; a position of employment CAREER = a profession or occupation that one trains for and pursues as a lifework

6 Careers Holland Code Notes  Holland’s Theory: –Do certain types of people go into certain types of work? –Research shows your chances of success are improved if you share interests with other types of people with whom you work –People with certain types of personality traits go into certain types of work –These categories are called occupational environments Can you describe the workers in a particular career?

7 Observers & analysts, People who like to learn, investigate, analyze, & solve problems Imaginative & creative Innovators, people who enjoy working in unstructured situations Skilled with words, people who like working w/ others to teach, train, or cure Good leaders who like working w/ people, persuading & influencing others, people who enjoy leading or managing an organization People w/ clerical ability or good w/ numbers, who like to work w/ data & carrying out others’ instructions in great detail Good athletes or mechanics, people who like to work w/ machines, tools, animals & like to be outdoors

8 4 Assumptions of Holland’s Theory 1. Individuals are categorized by strengths and interests in 6 occupational types. 2. There are 6 model environments in which unique opportunities exist. 3. Individuals match environments with their unique skills and interests in order to deal with the opportunities that motivate them. 4. Behavior is determined through the interaction of an individual’s personality and the unique environment.

9 An Important Fact Holland’s theory only offers this information as a structure for deeper research. It is the beginning not the completion of a career search.


11 People: Those in this group work with people every day. Their jobs involve helping others. Ex: teacher, nurse, taxi driver, salesperson, or veterinarian Things: In this group, people work every day with objects or machinery. Ex: carpenter, factory worker, computer operator, laboratory assistant, auto tech. Data: In this group, people work with information and facts. Ex: newspaper editor, police artist, chemist, meteorologist. Ideas: In this group, people work at gathering information and facts. Ex: writers, artists, inventors, and designers

12 Terms to Know

13 1. A meeting in which information is shared 2. Introduction 3. Chain of command 4. Chaos; absence of law 5. Aim, Purpose a.Orientation b.Goal c.Hierarchy d.Reflection e.Anarchy f.Seminar

14 Intra and Inter Personal and Group 1.________Occurs between two individuals with equal power. 2.________Occurs between groups, regardless of the groups’ size 3.________Occurs within the individual 4._________Occurs between individual members of the same group 5._________The chicks and the hens fight over the last inch of shade in the yard. 6._________Joseph and his brother disagree over the referee’s call. Interpersonal Intergroup Intrapersonal Intragroup Intergroup Interpersonal

15 Causes of Conflict Psychological, Resources, Values? 1.____Workers fight to keep the farm they work on. 2.____Catholics and Protestants fight in the streets of Belfast. 3.____Iraq attacks Kuwait for Kuwait’s huge oil reserves. 4.____When her older sister goes off to college, Judith wants the bigger bedroom. 5.____The people of Washington want to Redskins to win in order to show how great their city is. RVRRPRVRRP

16 Approaches to Conflict  Confrontation  Avoidance  Problem Solving Martina beat Yvonne at table tennis in gym class, so Gina threatened to get her. After class, Yvonne waited at the front door so she could get Martina, but Martina left by the side door. For days, whenever Martina saw Yvonne, she would turn and go in the other direction. After a while, Yvonne stopped looking or waiting for Martina. Avoidance

17 Approaches to Conflict  Confrontation  Avoidance  Problem Solving Chester and BeBe disagreed over the color to paint the new Student Government office walls. Chester believed he had the right to make the decision because he was the S.G.A. president. BeBe, on the other hand, felt that he had the right to choose because he was a senior, and Chester was only a junior. Since they couldn’t agree, they decided to have the entire S.G.A. vote on what color the office should be. Problem Solving

18 Approaches to Conflict  Confrontation  Avoidance  Problem Solving Flossie saw Rita eyeing her boyfriend in the cafeteria. Flossie approached Rita and demanded that Rita never look at Chip again. Rita punched Flossie and walked away, which made Flossie even angrier. Flossie grabbed Rita and the administrator on duty finally broke up their fight. Confrontation

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