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Technical Sketching and Drawing

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1 Technical Sketching and Drawing
Communication Technical Sketching and Drawing

2 Orthographic Sketch A Multi-view drawing that typically shows the front , right side and top view. (orthographic) When the side view is perfectly in line with the front view, it is called Projection.

3 Orthographic con’t The top view’s width dimension is projected from which other view? Front View

4 Orthographic Con’t The Surface with the most detail is shown is which view? Front View Most detailed drawings are orthographic drawings

5 Cabinet (oblique) In cabinet oblique drawings, the receding lines are shortened by one-half their true length to compensate for distortion and to approximate more closely what the human eye would see..

6 Cavalier In cavalier oblique drawings, all lines (including receding lines) are made to their true length.

7 Oblique Drawings A Sketch shows the front view as if a person were looking directly at it.

8 Isometric A pictorial sketch that has been drawn as it it were viewed from one corner at a 30 º angle.

9 Perspective A sketch that shows the object as the human eye or camera would see it. 1 pt

10 2 pt Perspective

11 3 pt Perspective

12 Types of Lines

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