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Vocabulary Level F Unit 1 Part B. jadedprovincial luridsimulate meritorioustranscend petulantumbrage prerogativeunctuous.

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1 Vocabulary Level F Unit 1 Part B

2 jadedprovincial luridsimulate meritorioustranscend petulantumbrage prerogativeunctuous

3 Jaded

4 Jaded (adj.)wearied, worn out, dull Syn. sated, surfeited, cloyed. Ant. Unspoiled, uncloyed.

5 Jaded The wilted handclasp and the fast- melting smile mark the JADED refugee of too many parties.


7 Lurid

8 Lurid (adj.) Causing shock, horror Syn. gruesome, gory, grisly, ghastly. Ant. pleasant, attractive, appealing.

9 Lurid Bright, sensational and often LURID, some old-time movie posters make today’s newspaper ads look tame.


11 Mertorious

12 Meritorious Adj. worthy, deserving recognition and praise Syn. praiseworthy, laudable, commendable. Ant. blameworthy, reprehensible.

13 Meritorious Many years of MERITORIOUS service could not dissuade him from feeling that he had not chosen work that he liked.

14 A +++

15 Petulant

16 Petulant (adj.) peevish, annoyed by trifles Syn. irritable, testy, waspish. Ant. even-tempered, placid, serene.

17 Petulant An overworked parent may be unlikely to indulge the complaints of a PETULANT child.

18 Bah Humbug Ebenezer Scrooge

19 Prerogative

20 Prerogative (n.) A special right or privilege, special quality Syn. perquisite, perk.

21 Prerogative She seemed to feel that a snooze at her desk was not an annoying habit but the PREROGATIVE of a veteran employee.

22 Notice the flags

23 Provincial

24 Provincial The banjo, once thought to be a PROVINCIAL product of the Southern hills, actually came here from Africa.

25 A provincial road

26 Provincial (adj.) Pertaining to an outlying area; local. Syn. narrow-minded, parochial, insular. Ant. cosmopolitan, catholic, broad- minded.

27 Simulate

28 Simulate (v.) To make a pretense, imitate. Syn. feign, pretend, affect.

29 Simulate. Some skilled actors can SIMULATE emotions they might never have felt in life.


31 Transcend

32 Transcend (v.) To rise above or beyond, exceed. Syn. surpass, outstrip.

33 Transcend A great mark of art may be said to TRANSCEND time, and it is remembered for decades, or even centuries.

34 The essence of human life transcends our differences.

35 Umbrage

36 Umbrage (n.) offense, resentment Syn. irritation, pique, annoyance. Ant. pleasure, delight, satisfaction.

37 Umbrage She hesitated to offer her opinion, fearing that they would take UMBRAGE at her criticism.


39 Unctuous

40 Unctuous (adj.) Excessively smooth or smug. Syn. Mealymouthed. Servile. Fawning, greasy. Ant. Gruff, blunt.

41 Unctuous Her consistent inquiring about the health of my family at first seemed friendly, later merely UNCTUOUS.


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