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~DJ ’ S Facility~ William Wang Ann-Sharlin Ebeling Sung Joon Kim Da Jung Park.

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1 ~DJ ’ S Facility~ William Wang Ann-Sharlin Ebeling Sung Joon Kim Da Jung Park

2 Water Usage The average usage of water per person in India is 140 Liters. It includes taking bath, washing dishes, drinking, and ect.

3 Table & Graph: ActivityAverage weekly use Litres used – per activity Bath280 per bath Flushing the toilet358 per flush Gravity shower735 per shower Power shower780 per shower Washing machine365 per wash Dishwasher425 Watering the garden1540 Washing car with bucket 1(4 buckets)8 per bucket = 32 litres Washing car with hose pipe 1400-480

4 Things we can take OUT: -Washing Machine -Car Wash -Watering garden Because people don’t need these following things to live. Now the tables answer should be similar to the graph. (140 Liters per day)

5 ~Calculations~ 140(±20) I set the uncertainty as 20 because I assume that adults and children uses different amount of water. 140*3*50=21000L 140*4*50=28000L 140*5*50=35000L And there are also some uncertainty between the families because every family can have different amount of people, some have 3 some have 4 or 5. Depending on how many people is in the family there will be a uncertainty of 140L, because each person uses 140L of water per day.

6 Uncertainty in percentage: 20/140*100=14% 140*4*50*14=392000 We need 392000L of water for two weeks. However Sung Joon found an information that 25% of their water usage is wasting. Therefore: 392000/100*75= 294000L 294000L is the amount of water we will provide them. Calculations 1L=.003M^3 294000L=294M^3 Volume 

7 ~Grain Needs~ I found information that says we need.25kg of rice everyday however, grains doesn’t not only include rice its every food. We need 2800 calories everyday and 200grams=300calories. 2800/300*200=1.8kg We need 1.8kg of grains per person 1.8*4*50=360kg I multiplied by four because four is the medium of 3,4,5. It should be rare to have over five people in a family so I decided the range would only be from 3-5people per family. 360*14=5040kg

8 ~Getting the Volume~ Volume=mass/density I got the equation by Mass=Density*volume Density=.577 Volume= 5040kg/577 Volume=8.7M^3

9 Investigating Shapes Shapes we can use? - Cube ( rectangular prism ) - Sphere - Cylinder

10 Decision Circle is the shape that we should choose, because it doesn’t have any edges therefore it provides the biggest area. However we can not choose sphere as our container even it gives the biggest volume because it can not be stabled, so cylinder would be a sensible choice.  Because the concrete is very expansive we need to make the cylinder higher and use less concrete to decrease the price.

11 Dimension, Water container Water Volume=294m^3 Grain Volume=8.7m^3 DiameterHeightTotal Cost 1m374.52m$16616.23 2m93.63m$8682.11 3m42m$6544.73

12 Dimensions for Grain DiameterHeightTotal Cost 1m11m $595.33 2m2.77m$689.76 3m1.23m$1166.03

13 ~Decision~ Diameter of 2meter should be sensible because 1 meter is too hard to work since its too skinny, but 2 meter is fine. We wouldn’t choose 3meter because it will be too expansive However for the water tank we might decide to have 4 or 5meter for the diameter because it is too high if we use 2meter for our diameter. 4meter, height=23.40m 5meter, height=14.98m Five meter is the one we would choose because it gives people enough space to work, even though it is more expansive but 23m is a bit too high, therefore we decided to have five meter for our diameter. Total Cost=$5901.15 Total Cost=$6084.82

14 Water storage Design Here is how our water tank will look like, it has 5m for its diameter and 15m of height. However the concrete part has been changed, it is 1m longer than the diameter to keep it more stabled. Therefore we have a new cost: $7192

15 Grain storage Design We decided to have 2m for our diameter because 1m is too small for people to work in there, we wouldn’t want to go any bigger because the bigger our diameter is the higher the cost will be to construct the facility. For this facility we also decided to have some extra concrete therefore our new cost will be: $1192.41

16 Cost Our final cost for our water storage is $7192 Final cost for grain storage: %1192

17 Bibliography AnswerBag. 30 Nov. 2008. Data360. 30 Nov. 2008. USwitch. 30 Nov. 2008.

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