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Hour3 by javier&daniel Mrs.Edelmann

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1 Hour3 by javier&daniel Mrs.Edelmann
Natural gas Hour3 by javier&daniel Mrs.Edelmann

2 how natural gas is stored.
Natural gas is moved by pipelines from the producing fields to consumers. Since natural gas demand is greater in the winter, gas is stored along the way in large underground storage systems, such as old oil and gas wells or caverns formed in old salt beds

3 history In 1821, an American gunsmith named William Aaron Hart drilled the first natural gas well in the United States. To extract natural gas from the ground, a well must be drilled to penetrate the cap rock that covers it. It was covered with a large barrel, and the gas was directed through wooden pipes that were replaced a few years later with lead pipe. A record 31,687 natural gas wells were drilled

4 Uses for today Natural gas is arguably the most favored fossil fuel for generating electricity today, but once upon a time it was considered a problem rather than a commodity, and often burned away on-site at oil wells.

5 Uses Of Natural Gas For hundreds of years, natural gas has been known as a very useful substance. The Chinese discovered a very long time ago that the energy in natural gas could be harnessed, and used to heat water. In the early days of the natural gas industry, the gas was mainly used to light streetlamps, and the occasional house.

6 THIS is some facts. Natural gas is a non-renewable natural resource. We are unable to get it over short or long period of time back. In fact, it takes centuries to get natural gas. Natural gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless, shapeless and lighter than air. It is gaseous at any temperature over -257° F. When it is at its natural state, it is not possible to see or smell natural gas.

7 Advantages and disvanteges
Oil burning leads to carbon emissions Finite resources (some disagree) Oil recovery processes not efficient enough—technology needs to be developed to provide better yields Oil drilling endangers the environment and ecosystems Oil transportation by ship can lead to spills, causing environmental and ecological damage (major oil spill near Spain in late Fall 2002 Oil is one of the most abundant energy resources Liquid form of oil makes it easy to transport and use Oil has high heating value Relatively inexpensive No new technology needed to use

8 Gas Uses Cooking Running appliances Heating Water heaters
Raw Material for Commercial Use: Paints, Fertilizer Plastics, Glass Methanol Paper Steel Clothing Bricks  ] Natural gas grill yum!! Yum!!

9 Natural gas production
Natural gas production by country(countries in brown and then red have the largest production. The world’s largest gas field is red

10 He invented natural gas
In 1885 a German chemist and physicist named Robert von Bunsen perfected the Bunsen burner that was invented by Michael faraday.

11 The end

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