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An Introduction to Philosophy & Practices

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1 An Introduction to Philosophy & Practices
WELCOME TO Responsive Classroom/ Developmental Designs Level 1 Training An Introduction to Philosophy & Practices Trainers: Sharon Coldren Mayra Rodriguez, Ed.S.

2 Fundamental guiding principles of responsive classroom/dd approach

3 6 Responsive Classroom/ DD Guiding Principles
Social learning is as important to success as academic learning. We learn best by constructing our own understanding through exploration, discovery, practice, and applying what we have learned, both socially and academically. The greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction within a supportive community.

4 6 Responsive Classroom/ DD Guiding Principles
There is a set of personal/social skills that students need to learn and practice in order to be successful socially and academically: (CARES) Cooperation Assertion Responsibility Empathy Self-control

5 6 Responsive Classroom/ DD Guiding Principles
Knowing the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of the students we teach is as important as knowing the content we teach. Trust among adults is a fundamental necessity for academic and social success in a learning community.

6 Power of the Reflective Loop (PWR) (Tab 1-pg 4)
Plan Work Reflect R P Plan Work Reflect W

What Principles resonate with YOUR belief system? What Principles might be easiest to implement vs. hardest to implement for YOU?

8 Implemented through 10 Classroom Practices

9 10 Classroom Practices Community-building Advisory (CPR)
Modeling & Practicing Goal-setting: Goals & Declarations Social Contract Power of Play (FUN Factor) Pathways to Self-control Empowering Teacher Language Reflective Loop (PWR- Plan, Work, Reflect) Collaborative Problem-solving Engaged Learning Strategies (POWER Learning)

10 Community Practices Teaming Constitutional Convention
School-wide Meetings School-wide Events Modeling Shared Areas Problem-solving Strategies for Challenging Behaviors Partnering with Parents Empowering Communication Staff Meetings Evaluation Capacity-building

11 Summary: Relationship-based Approach to Classroom Management

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