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Giovanni Da Verrazano By: Yoheidy Martinez.

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1 Giovanni Da Verrazano By: Yoheidy Martinez

2 Introduction In this report I will be discussing the well known explorer, Giovanni da Verrazano. I will include why my explorer came to North America, obstacle’s he faced, the reactions from the Native Americans, and his contribution to New York State. There are many reasons as to why I chose to study this explorer. For example, I wanted to know what the passage of orient everyone said that he had found was. This way I can know if he captained this mission. In addition to that example, Giovanni was one of the most well known of all explorers. Furthermore, he had a very interesting journey that I would like to learn about.

3 Why Giovanni set out an exploration to North America?
These are reasons why he came to North America. For example, he came to North America because one of his goals were to explore the coast of New Land. In addition to that example, he also wanted to find the passage of Orient. Giovanni was also one of the most famous of all of the explorers. Furthermore, he always was responsible for mapping and exploring the coast instead of the other explorers. As you can see, this is why my explorer came to North America.

4 Obstacles Giovanni faced during his Journey
My explorer Giovanni faced some obstacles during his journey. For example, some of the tribes did not want to welcome him. In addition, the natives were not pleasant at all and he also had to try and borrow one of their boats. Moreover, Giovanni stole a native child so he could take the child back to France with him and show of all of her things. As you can see, he has faced obstacles during his journey. In 1527 he was captured by the Spanish.

5 What was the Natives reaction to Giovanni?
The Natives reaction to Giovanni was not pleasant at all. In the beginning of the encountering Giovanni and the natives were really friendly. When Giovanni tried to borrow one of their boats they would not let him. He came back to return the native girl that he had stole and they had thrown things that they had grown at him. He had come back to greet the native’s on one of his journey’s and they first allegedly murdered him and once he was dead they cooked him and ate him. His own brother had witnessed this but once he saw it was too late to help. The native’s actually felt invaded and didn’t like Giovanni. He was anchored away from shore.

6 Giovanni’s Contribution to New York State
Giovanni’s contribution to New York was very big. For example, Verrazano was the first to find the New York Harbor. In addition to that example, a bridge named Giovanni da Verrazano was named after him. Giovanni had provided for large ships. Also, two more ships from King Francis. Furthermore, He had the longest suspension span. Moreover, He was also was one of the first explorers to sail the Hudson River. As you can see, he had a big contribution to New York. He discovered Carolina banks.

7 Conclusion In conclusion, Giovanni made history that no one else will be able to replace. Verrazano was great. He had set an example for the people of France and for the people of New York.

8 Work Cited Page Passage: Giovanni da Verrazano

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