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Game Time! By Geneva Weber Start Game. RandomRandom! Disney Music.

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1 Game Time! By Geneva Weber Start Game

2 RandomRandom! Disney Music

3 Pop Culture! Easy (100) Medium (200) Hard (400)

4 Music! Easy (100) Medium (200) Hard (400)

5 Random! Easy (100) Medium (200) Hard (400)

6 Disney! Easy (100) Medium (200) Hard (400)

7 100 for Pop Culture How old is Homer Simpson? 40 years old 34 years old 36 years old 38 years old

8 Bart: Dad, I got to tell you something, hope you won't be too mad. Homer: What is it, son? Bart: I'm not a genius, dad. Sorry you got it wrong.....

9 Yuppie! You are on fire!

10 What 1970’s trend has become popular among teens? Micro Mini’s Poodle Skirts Petticoats Belly Shirts

11 Groovy Baby

12 Not so Groovy

13 Clifford the Big Red Dog Belongs to…. Ashley Emily Sandy Sarah

14 Emily- That’s Right!

15 Wrong!

16 100 From Music Give the name and artist of the song playing Superstition- Stevie Wonder Superstition- Jonas Brothers Funkytown- Lipps Inc. On The Table- AC Newman

17 You must have your signs right!

18 That’s Wrong!

19 200 From Music Don’t Forget the Lyrics… In the sky, the pretty lights In the sky, like pretty lights And our daddies used to joke about the two of us. Oh My my my

20 Wow You’re Swift!

21 That’s Wrong!

22 400 From Music Click for a Clue!


24 Greek Goddess Of Love… Venus Athena Aphrodite Hathor

25 You better get a Culture Check!

26 That’s Right! Aphrodite!

27 Logical Challenge Can you get out of the maze without touching any lines?

28 What was Walt Disney’s First Color/Sound movie? Steam Boat Willy Snow-white and the seven dwarves Cinderella Tykio


30 You must have a Magic Mirror!

31 What is there always at Disney Parks? Music Smiles Lights Happiness


33 That’s Right Music

34 Name 3 of 7 Dwarves Name the three dwarves…. Dorky Grumpey Dopey Groggy

35 On Your way! JokeyGrumpy SmokeySmelly

36 One More to go! Wheezy Sneezy Cutie Timid

37 Good Job!  For 1000 bonus points, correctly name the rest of the dwarves to me!

38 100 From Random This Picture is a… Womba t Guinea Pig Marmot Malaysian Water Rat


40 Are you Aussie? Cuz that’s right mate!

41 Disney 400 December 15 th - Lung CancerMarch 18 th - Car CrashMay 6 th - Murder


43 That’s Right! R.I.P.

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