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Forging- Bending Drop Twisting and Scrolling

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1 Forging- Bending Drop Twisting and Scrolling
By Joe O’Neill

2 Forging Information Forging processes can be carried out either by hand or machine Most forging processes are carried out when the metal is HOT. This avoids the work hardening and also requires less energy to achieve the final result Was originally ALL done by hand but is a dieing trade due to machinery

3 Different Processes Basic hand processes are carried out with the use of Hammers, Tongs and Anvils Larger forces can be achieved by using mechanical hammers The different Processes of Forging are: Bending – Bending the metal Drawing Down – The metal is hammered into a thinner section Punching and Drifting – Punch a hole into the metal and smoothing/tidying up the hole Twisting and Scrolling – Twisting the metal and Scrolling the metal Drop Forging – A mechanical process used in mass production (Spanners and Hammer heads)

4 Bending A bend is produced in the piece being worked
The bend can either be sharp or gradual A more gradual bend can be achieved with the metal being cold while a sharp bend will require the metal to be hot

5 Twisting and Scrolling
These two processes can be carried out while the metal is hot or cold the result will depend on what type of metal being forged Both of the processes require manual labour and a high degree of skill Used to create small amounts of products only Products mad by Twisting and Scrolling are: Wrought iron gates, Horse shoes and stirrups for riding

6 Drop Forging Drop forging is used when large numbers of similar objects are being made (mass production) therefore machines are required Drop forging is a refining process To make a product by drop forging you 1st draw down the metal to a rough shape then place the metal in the Drop dies and set the machine to apply pressure This forces the metal to the shape of the dies To achieve a final drop forged product the metal will be forged several times

7 Drop Forging

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