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3 INTRODUCTION This project is based on qualitative research on social and cultural aspects of character education and social services

4 Under-aged pregnancies are a result of lack of contraceptive use, ignorance, or inaccessibility to the resources. For this reason, this project aims to provide a workshop to ninth grade students at the Policarpa Salavarrieta school in Quimbaya in order to explain in a didactic way, the various contraceptive methods.

5 86% of the students knew about contraceptives 69% used condoms as their main method of birth control 79% had received information about contraceptives, but not from school 50% of the students had information about personal healthcare


7 Classroom workshop at the school

8 JUSTIFICATION There is a need for didactic lectures to promote birth control in minors is because this has always been a problem due to misinformation, and the fact that very few people actually care about it. For this reason, my graduation project seeks an improvement in information about contraceptive methods, as well as a decrease in the pregnancy rate in children by providing knowledge about contraceptive methods.

9 GENERAL PURPOSE To design and implement an ethics and teaching strategy which can provide opportunity and help in raising the awareness and knowledge sex education and contraceptives.

10 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Develop and implement a strategy where the high school students at Policarpa Salavarrieta are educated about sexuality and know the methods of contraception Implement the strategy through talks and workshops Create a connection between students and birth control methods

11 HYPOTHESIS If students receive information about sex education and contraceptives, the rate of teenage pregnancy will decrease.

12 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Contraceptive methods Something that prevents or reduces the chances of fertilization in fertile women who have heterosexual sex. Contraceptive methods contribute decisively in making decisions about pregnancy prevention and in reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and teen pregnancies.


14 COGNITIVE- EVOLUTIONARY THEORY Adolescents… - face difficulties in understanding their sexuality - participate in various activities as a form of discovery -- fantasize and dream and look for ways to identify love -- make decisions influenced by hormones -- allow personal values, morals, and fear determine actions -- desire to participate in adventure or romantic love

15 Workshops will be proposed which will generate changes in the information that children from 10 to 18 years at Policarpa Salavarrieta school receive about sex education and contraceptives. This will be done in the classroom at this school for a period of one month. Four sessions will be implemented.

16 S ESSION 1 A survey was conducted to determine the knowledge of the students on the subject.

17 S ESSION 2 The main theme of this session was self-care including breast self-examinations.

18 S ESSION 3 Talks concerning domestic abuse and real life situations

19 S ESSION 4 Presentation of each contraceptive methods and sharing of information. Participants actively worked hands-on with the materials.

20 Photo Gallery


22 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Create an ethical and educational handbook for today's children in order for them to understand and comprehend the use and management of various contraceptives methods. The book contains the methods of contraception that are separated by groups and types, such as natural and hormonal information on each one with the percentage of effectiveness, duration, how to use, and general body knowledge. a pictures of all methods and a physical example of the majority of methods.




26 CONCLUSIONS Not only was misinformation about contraceptive methods evident, but a total lack of any correct information Misinformation was a result of cultural or family taboos of discussing the subject The talks successfully gave information and knowledge to the ninth grade students at Policarpa Salavarrieta in Quimbaya, and generated new understanding Issues such as sexuality, body care, breast self-prevention, care, and contraceptives were presented and shared and made personally applicable to the students It was possible to achieve the hypothesis

27 RECOMMENDATIONS find a group of people from different backgrounds and form a support group present workshops in which there is the possibility of applying the methods and allowing the participates hands-on practice conduct a test where you can actually see if they understand the issues and thus ensure that students know which contraceptive methods apply best to them


29 For listen me and to public, the jury and my advisor T hank you For Your Attention!

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