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Smarter Balanced Assessment Item Types

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1 Smarter Balanced Assessment Item Types

2 Six Item Types Selected Response Constructed Response
Extended Response Performance Tasks Technology-Enabled Technology-Enhanced With Smarter Balanced Assessments, there are 5 different types of items. Past: Standard Course of Study only included multiple choice items (only a part of selected response) Present: With Common Core, NCDPI integrated gridded response. About 20% of the test was gridded response (12 out of 60). (a part of selected response and constructed response) For non-reading items, the reading level will be approximately one grade level below the grade level of the test. Future: Smarter Balanced Assessments use six different types of items, to accurately assess a child.

3 Selected Response CC assessments Math: 80% of the test was multiple choice. ELA: 100% of the test was multiple choice. SB assessments: Can a student receive partial credit? It depends… If fluency is being assessed, a student must get all questions right to receive credit. Contain a series of options from which to choose correct responses. Multiple choice True/False Matching For multiple choice, there will be one correct choice and three distractors. This is the item type that most teachers will be familiar with. However, it’s important to recognize that selected response questions are NOT any easier. It is NOT just multiple choice.

4 Claims for ELA

5 Smarter Balanced Sample Items
Selected Response ELA Many experts will tell you that television is bad for you. Yet this is an exaggeration. Many television programs today are specifically geared towards improving physical fitness, making people smarter, or teaching them important things about the world. The days of limited programming with little interaction are gone. Public television and other stations have shows about science, history, and technical topics. Which sentence should be added to the paragraph to state the author’s main claim? A. Watching television makes a person healthy. B. Watching television can be a sign of intelligence. C. Television can be a positive influence on people. D. Television has more varied programs than ever before. Smarter Balanced Sample Items



8 Claims for Math

9 Selected Response Math Multiple Correct Choices
Which of the following statements is a property of a rectangle? Select all that apply. ☐ Contains three sides ☐ Contains four sides ☐ Contains eight sides ☐ Contains two sets of parallel lines ☐ Contains at least one interior angle that is acute ☐ Contains at least one interior angle that is obtuse ☐ All interior angles are right angles ☐ All sides have the same length ☐ All sides are of different length Smarter Balanced Sample Items

10 SCS: Selected Response
Fractions on a number line Grade 6 Mathematics-Released Form Fall 2009

11 Fractions, decimals and percents on a
CC: Selected Response Fractions, decimals and percents on a number line Grade 6 Mathematics READY Released Form Spring 2013

12 SB: Selected Response Equivalent fractions represented in multiple ways on a number line Smarter Balanced Sample Items

13 Constructed Response Students will be asked to generate a response as opposed to selecting a response Single word Phrase Sentence Set of numbers CR items focus on a particular skill or concept Good to Know… Math: Comparable to the gridded response on the CC assessment. Comparable to the constructed response items on Common Exams. Will generally be scored by the computer, with human backup scoring for validation 1-5 minutes to complete Constructed response items contribute to the computer-adaptive component while the extended response will contribute to the performance task component.

14 Constructed Response Math
The table below shows the number of students in each third-grade class at Lincoln School. There are 105 fourth-grade students at Lincoln School. How many more fourth-grade students than third-grade students are at Lincoln School? Show or explain how you found your answer. Constructed response items prompt students to produce a text or numerical response in order to collect evidence about their knowledge or understanding of a given assessment target. As an example, this item asks students to produce a response that provides evidence about their ability to add and subtract. Smarter Balanced Sample Items

15 CC: Constructed Response
6th Grade Mathematics- READY Released Form

16 SB: Constructed Response
Smarter Balanced Sample Items

17 SCS: Content Comparison to “Constructed Response” ELA
7th Grade ELA- Released Form

18 CC: Content Comparison to “Constructed Response” ELA
7th Grade ELA- READY Released Form

19 SB: Constructed Response ELA
Smarter Balanced Sample Items

20 Extended Response Requires more elaborate answers and explanations of reasoning Multi-page Essay Designed to cover content at a greater depth Good to Know… 5-20 minutes to complete Rubrics will be provided for constructed response, and extended response items.

21 SB: Extended Response Math
Ms. McCrary wants to make a rabbit pen in a section of her lawn. Her plan for the rabbit pen includes the following: It will be in the shape of a rectangle. It will take 24 feet of fence material to make. Each side will be longer than 1 foot. The length and width will measure whole feet. Pen 1: Length: (feet, square feet) Width: (feet, square feet) Area: (feet, square feet) Pen 2: Length: (feet, square feet) Width: (feet, square feet) Area: (feet, square feet) Pen 3: Length: (feet, square feet) Width: (feet, square feet) Area: (feet, square feet) Part A Draw 3 different rectangles that can each represent Ms. McCrary’s rabbit pen. Be sure to use all 24 feet of fence material for each pen. Use the grid below. Click the places where you want the corners of your rectangle to be. Draw one rectangle at a time. If you make a mistake, click on your rectangle to delete it. Continue as many times as necessary. Part B Ms. McCrary wants her rabbit to have more than 60 square feet of ground area inside the pen. She finds that if she uses the side of her house as one of the sides of the rabbit pen, she can make the rabbit pen larger. Draw another rectangular rabbit pen. Use all 24 feet of fencing for 3 sides of the pen. Use one side of the house for the other side of the pen. Make sure the ground area inside the pen is greater than 60 square feet. Use the grid below. Click the places where you want the corners of your rectangle to be. If you make a mistake, click on your rectangle to delete it. In some cases, the evidence required to support a claim about a given assessment target necessitates a more extended response. As an example, this item prompts students to provide evidence about their understanding of perimeter and area by producing an extended response. Use your keyboard to type the length and width of each rabbit pen you draw. Then type the area of each rabbit pen. Be sure to select the correct unit for each answer. [Students will input length, width, and area for each rabbit pen. Students will choose unit from drop down menu.] Use your keyboard to type the length and width of each rabbit pen you draw. Then type the area of each rabbit pen. Be sure to select the correct unit for each answer. Length: (feet, square feet) Width: (feet, square feet) Area: (feet, square feet) Smarter Balanced Sample Items

22 CC Content Comparison to “Extended Response”
8th Grade Mathematics-READY Released Test

23 Smarter Balanced 8th Grade Mathematics
SB Extended Response Smarter Balanced 8th Grade Mathematics (Claim 2)

24 SB Extended Response

25 Performance Task Used to measure depth of understanding, research skills and complex analysis Allow for multiple approaches Require student-initiated planning, management of information and ideas, and/or interaction with other materials Allow teacher-student interactions Call for multi-part, multi-session activities where students produce scorable responses, products or presentations Good to Know… They have a series of stimuli that will be given: readings, video clips, audio clips, equation editor, graphing tools, spreadsheet, graphs, charts and other visuals, research topic/issue, problem, etc… For grades 3-8 it will be about 125 minutes for the performance task. (Classroom activity 20 minutes, Part I: 35 minutes and Part II: 70 minutes) All grade levels in both Math and ELA will have Performance Tasks Limitations of Performance Tasks -Administration time -Human scoring: Right now educators will be scoring them. In our state, they will train teachers. They will use common rubrics. Missouri scored two different ways: the teacher scored, and they are sent out to get scored. That way you could see how accurate you were scoring your students.

26 Smarter Balanced Sample Items
Performance Task ELA Student Directions: Part 1 (35 minutes) Questions Your assignment: Use your remaining time to answer the questions below. Your answers to these questions will be scored. Also, they will help you think about the sources you’ve read and viewed, which should help you write your essay. You may click on the appropriate buttons to refer back to the sources when you think it would be helpful. You may also refer to your notes. Answer the questions in the spaces provided below them. Explain how the information presented in the “Virtual High School Interview” video and the article “Virtual Schools Not for Everyone” differs from the information in the research statistics? Support your answers with details from the video and the articles. You will read a short story and article, watch a video, review research statistics, and then write an argumentative essay about your opinion on virtual schools. Steps you will be following: In order to plan and compose your essay, you will do all of the following:   Part 2 (85 minutes) Read a short story and article, watch a video, and review research statistics. You will now have 85 minutes to review your notes and sources, and to plan, draft, and revise your essay. You may also refer to the answers you wrote to the questions in part 1, but you cannot change those answers. Now read your assignment and the information about how your essay will be scored, then begin your work. Answer three questions about the sources. Analyze the different opinions expressed in “The Fun They Had” and the “Virtual High School Interview” video. Use details from the story and the video to support your answer. Plan and write your essay. Directions for beginning: You will now read the sources and watch a video. Take notes, because you may want to refer back to your notes while writing your essay. You can refer back to any of the sources as often as you like. What do the statistics from “Keeping Pace with K–12 Online Learning” suggest about the current trends of virtual schools in the U.S.? Use details from the charts to support your answer. Your Assignment Your parents are considering having you attend a virtual high school. Write an argumentative essay explaining why you agree or disagree with this idea. Support your claim with evidence from what you have read and viewed. (short story) (article 1) (video) (research statistics) Review the Sample ELA-Garden of Learning and Math-Taking a Field Trip Smarter Balanced Sample Items

27 Technology Enhanced Good to Know…
The ultimate goal of technology-enhanced items is to provide a better measurement of student knowledge and skills through technology. could not be assessed through selected response and constructed response items. Require a response from the student Math: Selecting one or more points on a graphic, dragging and dropping a graphic from one location to another, manipulating a graph ELA: Select a piece of text, type in a replacement for that text or select options from a drop-down menu The goal is that the use of technology-enhanced items in the assessments will ultimately encourage classroom use of authentic mathematical computing tools as a part of classroom instruction.

28 Smarter Balanced Sample Items
Technology Enhanced Smarter Balanced Sample Items

29 Smarter Balanced Sample Items
Technology Enabled Nontraditional layout of items Audio, computer read aloud, video, etc… are used to present a question. Smarter Balanced Sample Items


31 Presentation Resources
Sue Gendron with International Center for Leadership in Education Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Assessments

32 Site Plan Options: Study Study and Create Study, Create, and Apply
Phase I: Study Look at item type examples 2 assessment types per quarter Phase II: Study & Create Look at item types and write item types Phase III: Study, Create & Apply Look at item type examples, write item types and let them give it to teachers Do we want to let schools decide on their phase or do we want teachers to choose their own phase? It is going to be on the coaches to make sure they are going to the PLC’s to make sure the teachers are doing this. Middle School: 2 assessment types September to December, 2 assessment types January to April in whatever phase the school/teacher chooses This is still a WORK IN PROGRESS

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