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Market Specific - Singapore. 2 Agenda Exchange Background SGX-ST SGX-DT SICOM.

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1 Market Specific - Singapore

2 2 Agenda Exchange Background SGX-ST SGX-DT SICOM

3 3 Market Specific - Singapore Exchange Background –Singapore Exchange (SGX) Securities Trading (SGX-ST) Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT) Exchange website –Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM) Exchange website

4 4 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-ST:, main traded instruments: –Equities e.g. –Warrants e.g., –Rights e.g. –Preference Shares –Exchange Traded Funds, –Convertible Loans –Real Estate Investment Trust,

5 5 SGX-ST Full Quote RIC Rule –Ordinary shares: 4 alphabetical RIC root +.SI –RIC does not follow exchange stock code. It is based on the company name, and assigned by ETI team –For different brokerage characters used, refer to Reference Data

6 6 Market Specific - Singapore How to verify SGX-ST RIC from exchange website? –There is no way to verify RIC from the website. –But the exchange stock code (local code) is supported on FID 78 E,g. - official stock code is C6L –Exchange website for ISIN and stock code verification: en/listed_companies_info/isin_code_download –The file is updated once a day at around 10:15 SST.

7 7 Market Specific - Singapore How do we verify ISIN code for SGX-ST RICs? –FID 1056 – ISIN code –When there is a change in ISIN code and/or local code only, there will be no change in the RIC code, unless the company name also changes –ISIN code file from exchange, daily update – en/listed_companies_info/isin_code_download en/listed_companies_info/isin_code_download

8 8 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-ST RIC search if ISIN, company name or stock code/local code provided: - Search ISIN, company name or stock code/local code in “Reuters Search” - If the RIC cannot be found on “Reuters Search”, check add/drop page based on instrument type via - If the RIC cannot be found on add/drop page, check exchange website to see if status of the instrument is PL (Pending Listing): en/listed_companies_info/isin_code_download en/listed_companies_info/isin_code_download - For some instruments that are PL, and for the instruments cannot be found on the above link, need to contact production team for proposed RIC

9 9 Market Specific - Singapore When does the ETI team create a SGX-ST RIC for a new stock? –Based on the exchange notification (official source)

10 10 Market Specific - Singapore Practice: SGX-ST RIC search SGX local code KI3

11 11 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-ST Trading Calendar and Trading Hours -Holidays Speedguide: via -Trading Hours:, - -Exchange website: en/trading_on_sgx/securities_market/securities_trading_hours_a nd_calendar SGX-ST Closing Run

12 12 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-ST Trading Features Married Deal a large block of shares to be sold, and terms of the sale might be different from the normal terms of the market (that is, price may be at a discount, earlier or later delivery, and so on). SGX-ST requires that these deals be reported, though not necessarily the price. SGX only sends us the Married Deal Volume and does not send prices for married deals; we derive these prices (FID 6) from the previous trade tick If the first trade of the day is a married deal, or the only trade of the day is a married deal, there will be no trade price on the TAS. Refer to -04 for more details on Married Deal and -2 for all trade types of SGX-ST

13 13 Market Specific - Singapore

14 14 Market Specific - Singapore Trade Prices - Verify trade prices on exchange website To access price information, navigate from homepage at, by clicking the "Prices, Indices, Statistics" tab on the left menu. e.g. Stocks delayed prices: en/prices_indices_statistics/securities/stocks en/prices_indices_statistics/securities/stocks e.g. Stocks historical prices: en/prices_indices_statistics/historical_prices/securities

15 15 Market Specific - Singapore Market Depth –levels of market depth data –e.g. Practice: what kind of data does display?

16 16 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-ST FID list Customer Zone FAQ 1043646 – tion.aspx?id=1043646 tion.aspx?id=1043646 –Refer to -02

17 17 Market Specific - Singapore Indices –Benchmark index constituents. – is computed by FTSE International. –Please contact BLR_DATA for FTSE indices. FYI: SGX does not compute indices since early 2008. – /ViewData.aspx?id=DN036561 /ViewData.aspx?id=DN036561 – /ViewData.aspx?id=DN036672 /ViewData.aspx?id=DN036672

18 18 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-DT –Speedguide : refer to the contract details pages for the trading hours of various contracts e.g. –Holidays: –Exchange website for trading hours and calendar: en/trading_on_sgx/derivatives_market/derivatives_trading_hours_an d_calendar –Menu page –FAQ pages onwards –FID list: Customer Zone FAQ ID 1088957 7

19 19 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-DT Futures RIC Structure –Composite: RIC root + Month code + year Code –T session: RIC root + am+ Month code + year Code –T+1 session: RIC root + pm+ Month code + year Code –e.g. Option RIC Structure –RIC Root + Strike Price + Month Code + Year Code –e.g.

20 20 Market Specific - Singapore SGX-DT Practice: 1.Please advise strike price and option type (call/put) for. 2.How to find all the options for SGX-DT MSCI Taiwan Index futures contracts? 3.What are the trading hours of SGX-DT Nikkei 225 futures contracts?

21 21 Market Specific - Singapore -6 –SGX-DT Closing Run Timing –Settlement price updates at FID 70 Considering trading hours for the various futures contract on SGX-DT and the closing run to understand settlement price update time. The settlement price is disseminated by the Exchange after the end of the T session. The settlement price is the conclusion of previous day ’ s T+1 session and the current T session. The data is sent to FID 70 (SETTLE). For composite and T+1 session RICs such as and, before the beginning of the new T+1 session, there will be a closing run to clear the pricing data including bid, ask and last, and the settlement price on FID 70 will ripple to FID 21 (HST_CLOSE); while the closing run of T session RICs such as is performed before the beginning of the new T session.

22 22 Market Specific - Singapore Settlement price updates at FID 70 – an example on –22 Feb 19:50 SST – Beginning of T+1 session –23 Feb 01:00 SST – End of T+1 Session –23 Feb 07:20 SST – clearing of FID 3131 and FID 3132 –23 Feb 07:30 SST – Beginning of T session –23 Feb 19:05 SST – End of T session –23 Feb 19:09 SST (approximate time) – Settlement price concluding T+1 and T session received at FID 70 –23 Feb 19:35 SST – Closing run clearing pricing data, data on FID 70 ripples to FID 21 (HST_CLOSE)

23 23 Market Specific - Singapore Pricing verification -Delayed prices - en/prices_indices_statistics/derivatives/delayed_prices/!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xL LM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3hnd0cPE3MfAwMLcwNDAyM_f3dHIydPI4NgE6B 8JJK8e4i3i4GRubmHl5mPiUGghSkxuk18Ql1DTS2NDSzcAtwMjLyczX1MQw OAhpkR0O2lH5Wek58EdKWfR35uqn5BbmhEpaOiIgD- 1mCa/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/ -Historical prices (e.g. daily/monthly data, daily settlement) en/prices_indices_statistics/historical_prices/derivatives/time_sales_data_do wnload/!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3hnd0cPE3MfAwMLc wNDAyM_f3dHIydPIwNjU6B8JG55H1OSdLuHeLsYGJmbe3iZ- ZgYBFoQpdvEJ9Q11NTS2MDCLcDNwMjL2dzHNDQAaJgZAd1e- lHpOflJQD_6eeTnpuoX5IaGRlQ6KgIAeP3clQ!!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQ SEh/

24 24 Market Specific - Singapore SICOM –Speedguide –Trading Hours: refer to the contract details pages e.g. –Holidays –Closing Run FYI, exchange website link for Trading hours and Trading calendar:

25 25 Market Specific - Singapore SICOM typical questions –Provides contract details and pricing information for verification –Example: For RSS3 futures contracts futures contracts, the quotation is US cents per kilogram, is it correct?

26 26 Market Specific - Singapore Q and A

27 27 Market Specific - Singapore Quiz 1. Can I confirm the new RIC for ISIN SG1022911844 for Net Pacific Fin? 2. Could you please verify the strike price for local code LT8W on SGX-ST? 3. Does FID 32 hold the total volume of all trades for SGX-DT futures? 4. Could you please confirm if the settlement price 9440 of for 26 July 2010 is correct? 5. Why there is no August 2011 contract for RSS3 on the SICOM?

28 Market Specific - Singapore The End

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