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Market Specific - Singapore

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1 Market Specific - Singapore

2 Market Specific - Singapore
Agenda Exchange Background SGX-ST SGX-DT SICOM

3 Market Specific - Singapore
Exchange Background Singapore Exchange (SGX) Securities Trading (SGX-ST) Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT) Exchange website Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM)

4 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-ST: <SG/EQUITY>, <SI/MENU> main traded instruments: Equities e.g. <SIAL.SI> Warrants e.g. <GDCS_t.SI>, <COMI_ta.SI> Rights e.g. <MDVT_r.SI> Preference Shares <FRCR_p.SI> Exchange Traded Funds <DMKO.SI>,<LNFU.SI> Convertible Loans <WEASd.SI> Real Estate Investment Trust <SUNTa.SI>,<TRCT.SI>

5 Reference Data SGX-ST Full Quote RIC Rule
Ordinary shares: 4 alphabetical RIC root + .SI RIC does not follow exchange stock code. It is based on the company name, and assigned by ETI team For different brokerage characters used, refer to <SG/CHAR1>

6 Market Specific - Singapore
How to verify SGX-ST RIC from exchange website? There is no way to verify RIC from the website. But the exchange stock code (local code) is supported on FID 78 E,g. <SIAL.SI> - official stock code is C6L Exchange website for ISIN and stock code verification: The file is updated once a day at around 10:15 SST.

7 Market Specific - Singapore
How do we verify ISIN code for SGX-ST RICs? FID 1056 – ISIN code When there is a change in ISIN code and/or local code only, there will be no change in the RIC code, unless the company name also changes ISIN code file from exchange, daily update

8 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-ST RIC search if ISIN, company name or stock code/local code provided: - Search ISIN, company name or stock code/local code in “Reuters Search” - If the RIC cannot be found on “Reuters Search”, check add/drop page based on instrument type via <SG/CHANGE1> - If the RIC cannot be found on add/drop page, check exchange website to see if status of the instrument is PL (Pending Listing): - For some instruments that are PL, and for the instruments cannot be found on the above link, need to contact production team for proposed RIC

9 Market Specific - Singapore
When does the ETI team create a SGX-ST RIC for a new stock? Based on the exchange notification (official source)

10 Market Specific - Singapore
Practice: SGX-ST RIC search SGX local code KI3

11 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-ST Trading Calendar and Trading Hours Holidays Speedguide: <SGX/HOLIDAY> via <SG/HOLIDAY> Trading Hours: <SG/EXCH2>, <SG/FAQ01> - <SG/FAQ02> Exchange website: SGX-ST Closing Run <CLOSE/RUN12>

12 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-ST Trading Features Married Deal a large block of shares to be sold, and terms of the sale might be different from the normal terms of the market (that is, price may be at a discount, earlier or later delivery, and so on). SGX-ST requires that these deals be reported, though not necessarily the price. SGX only sends us the Married Deal Volume and does not send prices for married deals; we derive these prices (FID 6) from the previous trade tick If the first trade of the day is a married deal, or the only trade of the day is a married deal, there will be no trade price on the TAS. Refer to <SG/FAQ03>-04 for more details on Married Deal and <SG/TAS1>-2 for all trade types of SGX-ST

13 Market Specific - Singapore

14 Market Specific - Singapore
Trade Prices - Verify trade prices on exchange website To access price information, navigate from homepage at by clicking the "Prices, Indices, Statistics" tab on the left menu. e.g. Stocks delayed prices: e.g. Stocks historical prices:

15 Market Specific - Singapore
Market Depth levels of market depth data e.g. <0#SIAL.SI> e.g. <DSIAL.SI> Practice: what kind of data does <D02SIAL.SI> display?

16 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-ST FID list Customer Zone FAQ Refer to <FIELDLIST01> -02

17 Market Specific - Singapore
Indices <SG/INDICES1> Benchmark index <.FTSTI> constituents <0#.FTSTI>. <.FTSTI> is computed by FTSE International. Please contact BLR_DATA for FTSE indices. FYI: SGX does not compute indices since early 2008.

18 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-DT Speedguide <SIM/FUTEX1>: refer to the contract details pages for the trading hours of various contracts e.g. <SIM/STW> Holidays: <SX/HOLIDAY> Exchange website for trading hours and calendar: Menu page <SX/MENU> FAQ pages <SX/FAQ01> onwards FID list: Customer Zone FAQ ID

19 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-DT Futures RIC Structure Composite: RIC root + Month code + year Code T session: RIC root + am+ Month code + year Code T+1 session: RIC root + pm+ Month code + year Code e.g. <STWZ0> <STWamZ0> <STWpmZ0> Option RIC Structure RIC Root + Strike Price + Month Code + Year Code e.g. <STW225L0>

20 Market Specific - Singapore
SGX-DT Practice: Please advise strike price and option type (call/put) for <STW225L0>. How to find all the options for SGX-DT MSCI Taiwan Index futures contracts? What are the trading hours of SGX-DT Nikkei 225 futures contracts?

21 Market Specific - Singapore
<SGX/CLS1>-6 SGX-DT Closing Run Timing Settlement price updates at FID 70 Considering trading hours for the various futures contract on SGX-DT and the closing run to understand settlement price update time. The settlement price is disseminated by the Exchange after the end of the T session. The settlement price is the conclusion of previous day’s T+1 session and the current T session. The data is sent to FID 70 (SETTLE). For composite and T+1 session RICs such as <STWZ0> and <STWpmZ0> , before the beginning of the new T+1 session, there will be a closing run to clear the pricing data including bid, ask and last, and the settlement price on FID 70 will ripple to FID 21 (HST_CLOSE); while the closing run of T session RICs such as <STWamZ0> is performed before the beginning of the new T session.

22 Market Specific - Singapore
Settlement price updates at FID 70 – an example on <0#SEY:> 22 Feb 19:50 SST – Beginning of T+1 session 23 Feb 01:00 SST – End of T+1 Session 23 Feb 07:20 SST– clearing of FID 3131 and FID 3132 23 Feb 07:30 SST – Beginning of T session 23 Feb 19:05 SST – End of T session 23 Feb 19:09 SST (approximate time) – Settlement price concluding T+1 and T session received at FID 70 23 Feb 19:35 SST – Closing run clearing pricing data, data on FID 70 ripples to FID 21 (HST_CLOSE)

23 Market Specific - Singapore
Pricing verification Delayed prices Historical prices (e.g. daily/monthly data, daily settlement)

24 Market Specific - Singapore
SICOM Speedguide <SIC/FUTEX1> Trading Hours: refer to the contract details pages e.g. <SIC/SRU> Holidays <SIC/HOLIDAY> Closing Run <CLOSE/RUN12> FYI, exchange website link for Trading hours and Trading calendar:

25 Market Specific - Singapore
SICOM typical questions Provides contract details and pricing information for verification Example: For RSS3 futures contracts <SRUc1> futures contracts, the quotation is US cents per kilogram, is it correct?

26 Market Specific - Singapore
Q and A

27 Market Specific - Singapore
Quiz 1. Can I confirm the new RIC for ISIN SG for Net Pacific Fin? 2. Could you please verify the strike price for local code LT8W on SGX-ST? 3. Does FID 32 hold the total volume of all trades for SGX-DT futures? 4. Could you please confirm if the settlement price 9440 of <SSIZ0> for 26 July 2010 is correct? 5. Why there is no August 2011 contract for RSS3 on the SICOM?

28 Market Specific - Singapore
The End

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