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A web quest for chapter one in ss What is culture?

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1 A web quest for chapter one in ss What is culture?

2 Fill the answers on your paper. Put your name on it. #1) Read the second paragraph of this link. What do archeologist dig up ? Material parts of culture or non-material. htm htm

3 Question #2 Scroll down this link and write the 5 types of culture regions in the world. The first one is western culture. culture-definition-of-culture.html culture-definition-of-culture.html Asian and Carribean could be added to this list.

4 3) Mapping cultural regions Colour the map on your answer sheet to match this one. It shows seven cultural regions In the world

5 Youth culture 4) What does this site say youth enjoy doing ?

6 5) Examples of parts of ethnic culture Put your headphones in. /watch?v=z4p2XjwcC3c /watch?v=z4p2XjwcC3c Watch the clip of some cultural groups in Canada perform traditional dances from their families’ countries of origins. Name two countries that are shown.

7 6) Techno culture Do you think you can live without technology ? m/watch?v=ZyFpFQNk_ -c m/watch?v=ZyFpFQNk_ -c Put your headphones in please.

8 7) School culture What is the best part of middle school culture for you ? Is it something material or non- material ?

9 8) Popular culture If you had to make a video teenage popular culture today, what songs would you include ? Images? Hair styles ?fads ? List 3 or 4 things. m/watch?v=QAHTe4wp ZqE m/watch?v=QAHTe4wp ZqE A short 2 min video of teenagers and popular culture of the 60s. Put headphones in.

10 Done early ? _dress_up_games/culture_dress_up_games.h tml _dress_up_games/culture_dress_up_games.h tml m m nic/ nic/

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