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So What is Strategic Planning

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1 So What is Strategic Planning

2 Alice: Which way should I go. Cat: That depends on where you are going
Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know where I’m going! Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go!! Lewis Carroll 1872 Through the Looking-Glass

3 Strategic Plans should impact day to day decisions

4 We Are BHP Billiton, A Leading Global Resources Company
Our purpose is to create long-term value through the discovery, development and conversion of natural resources, and the provision of innovative customer and market-focused solutions. To prosper and achieve real growth, we must: Actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality assets and services. Continue the drive towards a high performance organisation in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results. Earn the trust of employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders by being forthright in our communications and consistently delivering on commitments. We value: Safety and the Environment — An overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development. Integrity — Including doing what we say we will do. High Performance — The excitement and fulfilment of achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities. Win-Win Relationships — Having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties. The Courage to Lead Change — Accepting the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change in the face of adversity. Respect for Each Other — The embracing of diversity, enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement. We are successful in creating value when: Our shareholders are realising a superior return on their investment. Our customers and suppliers are benefiting from our business relationships. The communities in which we operate value our citizenship. Every employee starts each day with a sense of purpose and ends each day with a sense of accomplishment.

5 The Qantas Group’s long term vision is to operate the world’s best premium airline, Qantas, and the world’s best low fares carrier, Jetstar. To achieve this, the Group is focused on five key elements: Safety is our first priority - An unwavering commitment to world’s best safety practices and reporting Right aircraft, right routes - Fleet renewal delivering one of the world’s most effective fleets flying on an optimal route network Customer service excellence - Consistent customer service excellence as the cornerstone of the business Operational efficiency - Achieving simplicity and further productivity across the business Two strong complementary brands Qantas and Jetstar as the best premium and low fares brands respectively

6 Our Mission Statement At Asplundh, our mission is to be the recognized world leader in providing professional, safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable vegetation management and other utility-related services. With this goal in mind, each person on our team is challenged to consistently exceed the expectations of the customers for whom we work and the people they serve.

7 Our vision is to: Establish a place where the environment will be protected and enhanced, and where people and native flora and fauna will co-exist in harmony have a prosperous economy with a supportive attitude to balanced economic growth managed in a way to enhance quality of life and satisfy the employment and environmental aims of the community recognise, encourage, and develop the city’s diverse cultural life and talents and protect and promote its heritage encourage a community spirit, which promotes a fulfilling lifestyle, enhances health and social well-being, encourages family life and lifestyle choices, allows opportunities to participate in sport and recreation, promotes equal access to all services and facilities, as well as enables all citizens to contribute to the city's economic and social development encourage and enable all people to participate fully in the economic and social life of the community as well as enjoy equal life chances and equal opportunity for access to the resources of the community Our Mission Our mission statement represents and embodies our overarching goal in providing these services, and is simple but instantly accessible: ‘Quality Lifestyle’.  In order to achieve the vision and mission for the city, Lake Macquarie City Council employees strive for the following goals, and abide by the following values whilst doing so. Our goals are to: deliver all of our services in a demonstrably competitive manner achieve world's best practice through the implementation of the Quality Workstyle philosophy generate sustainable growth through economic development facilitate community consultation and participation in the decision making process provide and maintain an effective physical infrastructure protect and enhance the environment through waste management and balanced development plan and provide social infrastructure to meet community needs maximise employment in the City through economic growth safeguard the quality of lifestyle in Lake Macquarie carry out entrepreneurial activities (where appropriate) Our values are to: use a consistent approach when dealing with the organisation, members of the community and staff be aware of goals Council has set - aim for these and beyond base all actions on integrity pursue excellence in all matters establish an atmosphere of trust through creating an open, accessible organisation be fair and equitable in all dealings be aware of the organisation's needs and those of the community and by our actions respond to them encourage teamwork and cooperation in the organisation care for all members of the organisation and the community care for the environment

8 Our Vision - At Landmark, we’re committed to growing value by delivering world-class solutions locally.  Our Mission - We are Australia’s leading rural service business because of our: Unrivalled expertise Enduring partnerships with customers Commitment to and from our people Unsurpassed geographic coverage Extensive range of products and services Continuously innovative solutions Relationships with suppliers Unwavering commitment to the communitie

9 One-on-One Learning Centre
> OUR VISION The Vision of the One-on-One Learning Centre is to create a profitable business lifestyle in Townsville for business, their employees and the community through education. OUR MISSION 1. The Mission of the One-on-One Learning Centre is to develop educational programs that will help business become more profitable whilst ensuring the NQ Lifestyle is maintained 2. To increase brand recognition of the business to 80% so that it is easily identifiable and respected by the business and local community. 3. To ensure that all education programs when offered to both business and individuals will lead to a higher educated community. OUR 12 POINTS OF CULTURE 1. Commitment 2. Networking 3. Integrity 4. Communication 5. Success 6. Customer Service 7. Education 8. Teamwork 9. Balance 10. Consistency 11. Systems 12. Focus

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