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LOGO By: Eileen Colleen Layco Alfonso St. Teresa of Avila.

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1 LOGO By: Eileen Colleen Layco Alfonso St. Teresa of Avila

2 Contents 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 Facts About St. Teresa of Avila When she Died After She Died St. Teresa of Avila’s Story Another story 2 8 8 7 7 Patron Saint of? Sacrifices Of St. Teresa Of Avila 9 9 Beautified 10 Her Feast Day 11 Why is she a saint 13 12 Her Prayer Symbols

3 Facts About St. Teresa of Avila o Her birthday is on March 28, 1515 o She is from Avila, Old castile, Kingdom of SpainOld castileKingdom of Spain o She sadly died on October 4, 1582 o St. Teresa was 64 when she died o Like other Teen’s she cared about boys, flirting, and clothes. o When she was a teen she was convinced that she was a liar. 3

4 When She died after she died www.themegallery.com4 o She died after having a vision of Jesus and many saints waiting to welcome her to her Heavenly home o When she died in 1582 she was declared Doctor of the Church on September 27, 1970.declared

5 Her Story o When she was twelve her Mom passed away. Her dad thought that the best place for her to live was at a nearby convent of Augustinian nuns. Teresa liked living in the convent, it was peaceful and happy. She found out that joining a convent was a good way to serve God and become closer to Him. When it was time for her to leave and return home with her dad, she had decided that she would be a Carmelite nun. She made her profession at the Convent of the Incarnation at 19 years old. She was sad that being a nun wasn’t peaceful and easy. God became her best friend. She spent all her time with Him. She found the peace and happiness she had been looking for with God in her heartprofession Convent Incarnation

6 Another Story 6 As a teenager, she cared only about boys and clothes and flirting like other teen’s. When she was 16, her dad decided she was out of control and sent her to a convent. At first she hated it but she finally enjoy it. Growing love for God, and partly because the convent was less strict than her father. When the time came for her to choose between marriage and religious life, she had a tough time making the decision. She thought being a nun didn't seem like much fun. She finally chose religious life, she did because she though that it was the only safe place for someone as prone to sin as she was.pronesin

7 Patron Saint Of o Body ill o Headache sufferers o Sickness o Death of parents o People in need of grace o Religious orders o Sick people o Ridiculed for the piety

8 Sacrifice Of St. Teresa of Avila  One Sacrifice that I know id that she sacrificed being with her dad and her brother to become a nun. www.themegallery.com8

9 Beautified o St. Teresa of Avila got Beautified on April 24, 1614 o Pope Paul V beautified her. Pope Paul Vbeautified

10 Her feast day October 15 Blessed Victoria Strata Blessed Victoria Strata St. Teresa of Avila St. Severus St. Flavia St. Agileus St. Antiochus St. Aurelia St. Thecla of Kitzingen St. Sabinus St. Callistus St. Cannatus St. Euthymius the Younger St. Fortunatus St. Leonard Vandoeuvre

11 Why is she a Saint St. Teresa of Avila is not a Saint yet. She Is Still waiting for some miracles I think St. Teresa of Avila is a Saint because…..

12 Symbols o Her symbols are o Heart o arrow o book

13 St. Teresa of Avila’s Prayer www.themegallery.com13 GGod, You raised up Saint Therea by Your Spirit so that she could manifest to the Church the way to perfection. Nourish us with the food of Heaven, and fire us with a desire for holiness. Amen.

14 DeclareDeclare:  To Announce www.themegallery.com14

15 Profession  the declaration of belief in or acceptance of religion or a faith: the profession of Christianity www.themegallery.com15

16 Beautified  In the Roman Catholic Church to Announce the beatification of. www.themegallery.com16

17 Incarnation  The embodiment of God the Son in human flesh as Jesus Christ. www.themegallery.com17

18 Convent  A community of religious people www.themegallery.com18

19 Prone  having a natural inclination or tendency to something, disposed liable: to be prone to anger. www.themegallery.com19

20 Sin  any reprehensible or regrettable action, or behavior www.themegallery.com20

21 Pope Paul V www.themegallery.com21

22 Kingdom of Spain www.themegallery.com22

23 Old castile www.themegallery.com23

24 Wait Pictures www.themegallery.com24

25 LOGO This is the End of my Speech Now I will pass out 2 of her symbols 25

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