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CHINA AFTER MAO: The Deng Xiaoping Revolution 1979-97 The Abandonment of Maoism.

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1 CHINA AFTER MAO: The Deng Xiaoping Revolution The Abandonment of Maoism

2 Significance of Deng Xiaoping KEY DATES DURING DENG’S REIGN: 1976 Gang of 4 Arrested Deng Returns to Prominence rd Plenum Convenes 1979 Pro-Democracy Movement Begins…Wei Jingsheng Arrested 1981 Sentencing of the Gang of Protests in China’s Leading Universities 1989 Death of Hu Yaobang – Mikhail Gorbachev visits China – Pro-democracy demonstration crushed in Beijing 1997 Death of Deng Xiaoping

3 Deng’s Aims in Post-Mao China Deng Comes Back to Prominence by 1978 Legacy is one of greatness in terms of leadership China Transformed Under Deng

4 Deng’s Victory After Mao’s Death Deng Victim of Cultural Revolution Deng’s Strengths: – Long experience at the heart of Chinese politics – Exceptional political skills – Popularity within the CCP – Support amongst leading party officials in the center and in the provinces – Contacts with key military leaders – Success in ending the famine in the 1960s – Impressive economic planning record, worked with Zhou Enlai in drafting a program for national economic recovery – International Experience, served as Enlai’s principal assistant from

5 The Third Plenum 1978: The PRC’s Turning Point Third Party Plenum: 1st Major Meeting Since Mao’s Death Plenum Passing Historic Resolutions: CCP Reconciles with Past and Looks to Future Accepts Deng’s Four Modernizations Plan Cultural Revolution Dead Deng Becomes Paramount Leader

6 Dealing with Mao’s Legacy Deng’s Great Success in the 1960s Realization that Mao’s Policies Were Bad for Country Aware of the Legacy of Mao. How to Move Forward?

7 The Central Committee Resolution of 1981: 70% Right, 30% Wrong? Deng Careful Not to Implicate Himself or Current Leaders Mao’s Reputation Subject to Drip Effect Party Resolution Comes to Terms with Mao’s Legacy Justification for new path

8 The Trial of the Gang of Four: Trial Begins in 1980 Way for Deng to Condemn Mao and Honor Him Gang of Four Charged for Deaths and Persecution

9 Gang of Four Trial I was Mao’s bitch. Whoever he told me to bite, I bit.

10 THE ABANDONMENT OF MAOISM Failure and arrest of the Gang of Four Deng Xiaoping outmanouvers opponents and comes to power The Third Plenum 1978 begins the destruction of Mao’s Legacy Trial of the Gang of Four in 1981 marks the end of Maoism The Central Committee resolution of 1981

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