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Username: Password: Expected Outcomes:

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1 Username: Password: Expected Outcomes:
Teachers will learn to navigate the resources available in the Learning A-Z products the district has subscribed to: Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, and Vocabulary A-Z. Teachers will add resources to their file cabinet in Reading A-Z for easy access and printing when they return to their classrooms. Teachers will create their class in Raz-Kids and assign books to their students and/or create a custom assignment. *Please have class lists with student usernames and passwords

2 Home What’s New…Literature Circles, new books, current content (ie. election) Popular books and searches Curriculum (common core and reading series) correlations *bottom of page* Search box Remains in upper right hand corner on every page Once you search, you have the option for an advanced search (left side)

3 NEW FEATURES: Tabs at the (very) top let you scroll between the resources we subscribe to without having to sign in to each separately File Cabinet – save resources, or parts of resources, for quick retrieval later My Zone – takes you to your profile, file cabinet, search history, most popular books, calendar, and popular search topics

4 All Books Once you are in this tab you will move all over the site depending on where you click All books are listed until you click on a level, then you will be taken to the books only at that level The side menu will change as you move through the site, top tabs will always remain the same

5 Shared Reading Can only be found by going to the Shared Reading page using the side menu Leveled by grade (instead of letter) and provide different types of lesson plans and resources Specific for common core, close reading, text dependent questions, and questioning strategies.

6 Literature Circle Books
Use side menu or if you choose a book that includes these resources, they will be included on the book page Additional literature circle resources (that could be used with any book) on the Literature Circle Books page under Teacher and Student Resources

7 Other Tabs Phonics – instructional resources for teaching the sounds and symbols of language and their relationships to one another using: 30 phonological awareness lessons 68 phonics lessons Vocabulary – Word books and activities, some have connections Vocabulary A-Z Fluency – fluency passages and Reader's Theater Scripts to motivate students and help them build oral fluency and accuracy Poetry – lesson plans and poetry books for teaching students to read and write poetry Alphabet – books, chants, flashcards, worksheets, and a strategy bank for recognizing letters and their sounds Assessment – tools for each of the key areas of reading and of the Reading A-Z program

8 More Resources Theme Resources
Summer Reading Program – print books or assign through Raz-Kids; includes contract and report form printables Trade book lessons for three levels of books (Mouse Soup to The Wind in the Willows) Graphic Organizers Reading and Word Attack Strategies RAZ WOWzers – encouragement and reward cards and certificates

9 Teacher Corner Research Videos Planning Tools Helpful Hints
On Your Own – information and video directions about this feature in Raz-Kids

10 Other features ebooks itunes app books Kurzweil Formated Readers
books students can listen to in Raz-Kids include additional pictures and sound affects, can not be adjusted for voice or speed itunes app books One book at each level available for free Other books would have to be purchased Kurzweil Formated Readers automatically opens in Kurzweil (username and password required)

11 Online library to improve reading skills
Assess with running records (need microphone) and quizzes on books Teachers can choose to allow students to read any book in the Raz-Kids Library or just books that are at their level or below (beyond assignments) Accessible anywhere with internet access Parents can see progress Students earn rewards (like Webkinz) Help videos throughout the program

12 Create your class Roster – add students or add multiple students
Passwords (if using) have to be added one at a time by going to the student profile Parent access can also be added through the student profile with an address and password Login cards can be printed

13 Roster Messages – to individual student or entire class
Activity – tracks students activity in all parts of the program (including the rocket) Assignment Progress Running Records Practice Recordings

14 In Basket Running Records and Practice Recordings needing review
Microphone/headset needed for students Scoring is done online by the teacher

15 Assignments Assessment Self Paced assignment Custom assignments
assign a running record Self Paced assignment move through books level by level Custom assignments can mix levels and reading or listening If a custom assignment is assigned, the level books will not appear as an assignment Keep tract of progress, because the program will not automatically move them to a new assignment when finished

16 Reports Individual Reports
Can also be found in Roster after selecting a student Activity – classroom report provides more information Assignment Progress – lists all books in assignment Level Progress Reading Rate Quizzes Date ranges can be changed once viewing a report

17 Reports Classroom Reports Can also be found in Roster tab
Class Activity Assignment Progress Running Records Practice Recordings

18 Books All books available on Raz-Kids including “On Your Own” books and Running Records All books in Raz-Kids are available in Reading A-Z, but not all books in Reading A-Z are in Raz-Kids

19 Teacher Corner Getting Started What Do I Need? On Your Own
Running Records Raz Rocket Details Summer Materials Video Library Training – free webinars (live or recorded) Parent and Student letters and certificates along right side

20 Other things available on the Home Page
As soon as you click on a word list (left) the program jumps to the Word Lists Tab (top) Other things available on the Home Page Weekly Mystery Word with 5 days of mini lessons Common Core Vocabulary grades 2-5 What’s New

21 Word Lists Step 1 – Choose a Category Step 2 – Choose Your Words
Choose a category, then words are listed in alphabetical order and grouped by tier 1, 2, and 3 Use Search box on left side to find a word quickly My Words – add words not found in Vocabulary A-Z, must fill in all boxes so that activities can be created using your new words (only you can access these words). Step 3 – Next/Build a Lesson Download lesson without Saving Save and Download a Lesson (must name and customize)

22 Pre-Made Lessons Reading A-Z Scott Foresman Reading Street

23 Cumulative Assessment
Create assessments with your Saved Lessons or any words from New Words Not working for me last time I tried, sent an to the company asking for assistance

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