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The Flavian Dynasty 69-96 AD By: Ashlee Shoup & Stephanie Grafton.

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1 The Flavian Dynasty 69-96 AD
By: Ashlee Shoup & Stephanie Grafton

2 Flavian Dynasty Roman Imperial Dynasty. 69-96 AD. New taxes.
Greek tax immunities revoked. Decrease Senates power. Successive consulships. Censorship. Increase Senate size. Created new offices in Iuridicus. Lawsuits held here. Reports to governor activity.

3 Vespasian (ruled 69-79) Had two sons, Titus and Domitian.
He increased taxes. Appointed by Nero. Founder of Flavian Dynasty. Restored peace and stability to empire. Named his son Titus as co-triumphator and conqueror of Jerusalem. Made the “Flavian Amphitheater” or the Colosseum as its known today as. Imperator of Judaea. Supported by Syrian, Egyptian, and Pannonia legions.

4 Titus (ruled 79-81) He completed the Flavian Amphitheater.
Many disasters occurred while he was emperor. Herculaneum (79 AD) Disastrous fire (80 AD). Plague outbreak. Mt. Vesuvius eruption destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum. Died with popularity and with the dynasty still functional.

5 Domitian (ruled 81-96) He created the Arch of Titus.
Signed a peace treat with the Decian King. Unpopular with the senate. Assassinated in 96 AD. Made mistake of changing Augustan class distinctions from “first citizen” or “first among equals” to “lord and god.” Did not realize how much Rome didn’t want kingship in the empire. Hate toward him continued after his assignation. Buried in Templem Gentis Flaviae by his childhood nurse but could not be buried with other Flavian rulers (dad and brother) in Roman Pantheon.

6 Achievements They rose to power during the Civil War in 69 AD.
The Battle of Bedriacum made a balance in favor of the Flavian forces. The Flavians lowered taxes. They were Italian Gentry, not Roman Aristocracy. They made the Temple of Gentis Flaviae, which was the greatest dynasty monument erected by Domitian.

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