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How Airplanes Fly.

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1 How Airplanes Fly

2 The Big Question How do airplanes stay in the sky and how do they fly?

3 Hypothesis I believe airplanes stay in the sky by having air push them up.

4 Facts The Principle of lift first proved in the 18th century.
An airplane uses it’s engine to make it’s own wind. The shape of the airplanes wings are curved on top and flat on the bottom. The drag is when the plane is being slowed down by having to push through the air. Thrust is caused by the airplane’s engines. It is what moves the airplane forward.

5 The Experiment First I used a blank piece of paper. Then I folded it long ways, making sure to make a crease. Next fold the top corners in and make it so the sides are touching the crease. After that fold the corners of what was folded in so that they touch the crease too. Then fold the sides together until you reach the crease and make sure that you make a tip. Finally get about an inch form the tip and fold from that point to the end on both on both sides to create the wings. That is how I make an airplane.

6 Observations… I have flown a lot of airplanes and I have found that when I throw a paper airplane soft it doesn’t go far. I also learned that when I throw it hard it flies farther. This is because the harder that I throw the airplane the more it rides on the air. When it doesn’t go fast the weight of the airplane is heavier then the air and it falls to the ground faster. This is why real airplanes have engines on them. The engines keeps the airplane shooting through sky and the air moving faster under the wings keeps the airplane in the sky.

7 Data The first time I threw the plain I threw it softly. The plane just fell to the ground. The second time I threw the plane I threw it at medium speed. It went much farther. The final time I threw the plane very hard. It went all the way into the other room.

8 Analysis of Data… I have found my experiment that the harder I threw the plane the farther it goes.

9 Conclusion… In conclusion I have found that all airplanes do use air under and above their wings to keep them in the sky. The higher the plane needs to go the faster it’s engine needs to go. References

10 The end

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