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Thursday Honors PS. Homework Pg 369 Problems 22-27.

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1 Thursday Honors PS

2 Homework Pg 369 Problems 22-27

3 Leading Ideas Newton’s 1 st law Newton’s second law Weight = mass x 10 (9.8) Difference between mass and weight

4 To find the weight of an object Weight = mass x acceleration of gravity On Earth: acceleration due to gravity is equal to about 10 (9.8)

5 Mass and Weight Mass: –Amount of stuff –Unchanging –Measure of Inertia –kg Weight: –Force of gravity –Changes because of location –N

6 Answers to homework 22) 10 m/s 2 23) 23 N 24) 2.1 kg 25).04 m/s 2 26) 15 N 27) 43.75 N 28) 3.7 N 29) 58.5 N

7 Additional Problems A 2.5 kg hula hoop is pushed forward with a force of 45.9 N. What is it’s acceleration?

8 Answer F = ma F = 45.9 Nm = 2.5 kg A = 45.9 / 2.5 = 18.4 m/s 2

9 Make up a problem Object : _______________ Amount of net force: __________ Mass of object: ____________ Solve for acceleration

10 Example problem A 1540 kg car starts from rest and accelerates to 50.7 m/s in 13.8 seconds. What is the net force on the car that causes this acceleration?

11 Answer 1540 kg = mass Rest = 0 m/s = initial velocity 50.7 m/s = final velocity 13.8 sec = time Want net force, but need to find acceleration a = (v f - v i ) / t then F net = ma a= 3.7 m/s 2 F net = 5700 N

12 New homework Handout #3 Working with Newton’s 2 nd Law Review conversions, acceleration All questions are in book Pg 852 3,4 Pg 857 89-95 To be handed in on Monday

13 Newton’s third Law

14 3 rd Law For every _____________ There is an __________ but opposite __________.

15 For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction Forces come in pairs –Equal in size –Opposite in direction –Applied to different objects

16 Examples of 3 rd law

17 Actions that can be related to 3 rd law in the classroom

18 If all forces are equal and opposite, how does anything move?

19 Answer Though equal in size, the forces act on different objects Force of ground on box Force of box on ground

20 Trebuchet

21 To change the motion of something Need to have a net force (unbalanced forces) on the object in order to change its motion Force of rope on box Friction force

22 Free Body Diagrams Represent the object by a simple geometric shape or a dot Represent all forces on that object by arrows that originate from shape/dot Only represent the forces that are applied to the object, NOT forces the object applies to other things

23 What would be the free body diagram of ….. What are the forces on the dog?

24 Answer Dog Applied force of ground pushing paws forward Reactive force of ground Force of leash Weight of dog

25 Create a free-body diagram of one of the dancers

26 Create a free-body diagram of the ball

27 Draw a free-body diagram of the rock climber

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