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Compelling Author of the 21 st Century Yann Martel:

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2 Compelling Author of the 21 st Century Yann Martel:

3 Biography  Born in Spain in 1963.  Grew up in Alaska, British Columbia, Costa Rica, France, Ontario and Mexico, and has continued traveling as an adult, spending time in Iran, Turkey and India.  Studied philosophy at Trent University in Ontario,Canada.  Lives in Montreal, volunteering at a hospital and writing.

4 Life of Pi  Most famous book –’01 Hugh McLennan Prize for Fiction  Won Booker Prize ’02 –£ 50,000 awarded (= $75,000) –Comparable to America’s Pulitzer Prize  Life of Pi Promo Interactivity Life of Pi Promo

5 The struggle.

6 Richard Parker  Adult male Bengal tiger is usually 10ft.– female is 9ft.  Usually live 10- 15 yrs. in wild & 20 in captivity.  Can weigh up to 650 pounds.


8 Hinduism Ganesha  Third largest religion.  Based on ancient scriptures called Vedas.  Hindus believe in a supreme spiritual force called Brahman.  Hindus follow the laws of Dharma.

9 Islam  Religion of the Mohammedans;  Their god is Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.  Al Islam in Arabic = “at once submission and peace.”  The Qur'an (or Koran) is their Bible.

10 The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios  Won the ’91 Journey Prize.  Described as "unforgettable...a truly stunning piece of fiction.”  AIDS & personal discovery are the main topics investigated herein.

11 Self  Shortlisted Chapters/Books First Novel Award  Non-traditional story where the main character undergoes a mysteriously drastic alteration.

12 Yann Martel hopes you find the same sort of solace that his protagonist Pi is able to. What Pi might look like as a grown man➔

13 Questions to contemplate:  In what ways can introspection help you?  How do challenges form who you are?  How do your biggest fears compel you?  In what ways does irrationality rule you?  What must someone do in order to truly persevere? Are there different degrees?  Are you a critical thinker? Do you want to continue thinking on deeper levels?

14 Reasons to Actually Read Life of Pi  Sells at a “freakish rate” (Guardian Unlimited website).  According to Ideas Factory website, Life of Pi is “accessible and yet literary.”  Canongate website: “utterly original.”  Chronicle: "a real adventure: brutal, tender, expressive, dramatic and disarmingly funny."  It is what a novel should be, frankly.

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