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Group 20: Dany Kang Dylan Lim Lin Daxin Zhang Si Yuan.

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1 Group 20: Dany Kang Dylan Lim Lin Daxin Zhang Si Yuan

2 Location Mamam Beach, Pulau Ubin

3 Reasons for this location Desirable location as it is along the Mamam Beach and has a seaside view. It is also within 2 km of the Jetty and the Town Center, the hub of Pulau Ubin. Also near the center of Pulau Ubin.

4 Reasons for this location There is seabreeze from East to West, do not need to use aircon Near tourist attractions like the Balai Quarry and Noordin Beach Constructive wave

5 Building Methods We are going to build our resort on a raised platform above sea level. This is to avoid flooding during high tide. The Resort is only one level, with around 20 apartment.

6 Green Building Methods We will be building our resort with Natural Materials like granite and wood. Granite rock will be shipped from overseas so as not to harm the environment in Pulau Ubin. We will also maximise the use of land by building most of the solar panels on the roof of our resort.

7 Green Technologies We plan to harness the energy from the Sun using solar panels Solar panels will be constructed on the roof of our resort and along the beach The panels will be tilted to face the Sun throughout the day to maximise its efficiency

8 Solar Panels Although Solar Panels are rather costly, it is an long term alternative as it is long lasting and produces energy constantly. The Excessive energy generated by the panels during the day will be stored in battery cells to be used in the night.

9 Green Transports Choice of mini-vans and bicycles Bicycles – Motors will be built in these bicycles. – Tourists can use these motors if they are tired from cycling. – Motor Bicycles will charged at power stations powered by Solar Panels. Mini-vans – Solar panels built on the roofs of these mini vans. – Hybrid Vans that can store energy when they are parking.

10 Tourist Trail Our resort


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