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The Simply Reliable Enterprise Library System

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1 The Simply Reliable Enterprise Library System
Pro Technology The Simply Reliable Enterprise Library System XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

2 Qualstar Market Coverage Expands
Multiple Departmental Servers Small Medium Business Small Enterprise Regional Data Centers Enterprise National Data Centers Large Enterprise Global Data Centers RLS AIT TLS AIT RLS SDLT TLS SDLT RLS LTO TLS LTO RLS SAIT TLS SAIT XLS XLS XLS 2 TB Library Capacity 2 PB XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

3 XLS Library System Patent-pending COMPASS ARCHITECTURETM
Shorter Travel, Lower Power, Higher Reliability Very scalable drives, I/O ports, and slots High storage density: over 100 tapes per square foot X-LinkTM: Single-view worldwide interface XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

4 XLS True Scalability Scaleable capacity Scaleable performance
Starts at 355 slots, scales to over 6,000 slots In cabinet capacity expansion options Balance tape drives and storage slots Very economical 1,075 slot MEM expansion module Scaleable performance Two sizes of base LRM Module available 8 logical library partitions standard Start at 4 drives Scales to 96 drives Up to 120 I/O slots Intermix SCSI and FC drives XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

5 Mix and Match to Create the Right Solution
XLS Building Blocks Mix and Match to Create the Right Solution LRM (Library Resource Module) MEM (Media Expansion Module) Standalone library Contains drives, I/O ports, storage slots, robotics, control, and power Acts as nucleus of larger systems Rotating carousel holds 1,075 cartridges Consumes less than 9 sq. ft. floor space Attaches to either side of an LRM XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

6 XLS Compass Architecture
Very high density per square foot Low power consumption Simple expansion! LRM robot reaches into MEM- never leaves the LRM Access 2,800 tapes in 21” of horizontal robot travel System expands by alternating LRM’s and MEM’s MEM LRM XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

7 820500 832700 XLS LRM - Two Models 355 465 1 5 20 4 10 40 Opt - 465
Description Std Max Slots 355 465 Drive Bays 1 5 Drives 20 I/O ports 4 I/O slots 10 40 N+1 Power Opt - Description Std Max Slots 465 685 Drive Bays 2 8 Drives 1 32 I/O ports 4 I/O slots 20 40 N+1 Power - 78.0” 78.0” 34.8” 44.6” 34.8” Deep 34.8” Deep XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

8 “I need to expand my XLS library system”
XLS Configurations “I need to expand my XLS library system” “My raw storage needs are outpacing my access needs, I will add another MEM” “I need to add more tape drives to increase my access capability, I will add another LRM” 1 LRM, 1 MEM 1 LRM, 2 MEMs 2 LRMs, 1 MEM = OR 32 drives, 1,550 slots 32 drives, 2,625 slots 64 drives, 2,025 slots High storage density coupled with flexibility during growth Less linear movement to access large volumes of cartridges, over 2,800 cartridges can be accessed with an average 21” X axis motion “Low Speed” robotics motion profile is more reliable and requires less power and cooling Cartridge access performance does not degrade when expanding XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

9 LRM Features Linux based library controller 832700 820500
SCSI and Fibre 8 logical libraries Contains all robotics Touch screen operator control panel One to four I/O ports ( slots) 832700 820500 78.0” 78.0” 78.0” 35” 44.6” 34.8” Deep 34.8” Deep XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

10 LRM Front Panel 15” Color TFT operator display with touch screen interface Two lockable operator access doors with windows Five LED status/activity indicators Four I/O port bays Each with 10 slot removable canister Front serviceable filtered air intake area XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

11 LRM Front View XY Robot with integrated bar code reader capable of 330o of rotary motion and Z axis insertion Tape drives are added in four drive per bay increments (each bay tier may be configured as SCSI or Fibre Channel) Bar code reader on picker XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

12 Status LEDs At a glance operator information Five LEDs on front panel
Attention Network activity Library activity (power on) Robot activity (movement) Fault XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

13 I/O Ports Up to 4 ports per LRM 10 slots per port
1 I/O port standard in 2 I/O ports standard in Removable 10 slot magazine Software controlled latching/security XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

14 Expansion Door Slots Each door can hold 110 additional tape storage slots The can accommodate one additional door expansion The can accommodate two additional door expansions The door slots block the view into the interior of the library XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

15 Robot XYZ + rotational theta axis = Compass Architecture
Short travel means low power and increased reliability Uses closed loop servo motors for precise positioning Bar code reader also used as absolute position sensor during mechanical calibration XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

16 LRM Module Rear View Drive bays with four drives per level. Drive bays may be exchanged with storage bays 19” auxiliary equipment rack (optional) 6U in form-factor or 8U extended. Storage bays (30 tapes per bay) N+1 hot swap power system Linux based controller with four library interface slots XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

17 Auxiliary Equipment Rack
Optional for either or LRM 6U “in form factor” or 8U Equipment mounts on its side Unique latching scheme provides easy access to front and rear of equipment mounted in rack Independent AC power provided for equipment mounted in rack XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

18 Drive Bays Four LTO tape drives per drive bay
has one drive bay standard, supports a maximum of five drive bays for a total of 20 tape drives has two drive bays standard, supports a maximum of eight drive bays for a total of 32 tape drives Any mix of SCSI or Fibre channel drives Each drive bay displaces 30 tape storage slots XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

19 Drive Carriers XLS drive carriers slide into the back of the drive bay
No tools are required to remove/exchange individual drives Each drive bay location is individually controlled, drives may be brought offline independently Blank carriers are used to block off empty drive positions, interlock prevents robot motion with empty drive bay positions Rear view of XLS LRM Drive Carriers Drive Carrier Blank Carrier XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

20 Drive Carrier Indicators
Each carrier has an individual drive status LED to easily identify the failed drive The LED indicates if the drive is online/offline Fibre drives have additional Link and Activity indicators Drive Status LED XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

21 Library Controller Linux core running custom XLS control and X-Link interface software Has four slots reserved for library interfaces Dual-port HBA’s available in either 2xSCSI or 2xFibre Up to eight independent logical library partitions Uses journaling file system combined with software heart beat to provide comprehensive error recovery XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

22 Data-Guard Feature Built into every XLS
Insures orderly library shutdown in event of accidental power loss Protects media in transition from damage Assures problem free restarts when power is restored XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

23 Application Flexibility
8 partitions connect to the host via SCSI or Fibre Individual Fibre ports can also support medium changer addressing via LUN number allowing for multiple control Host 1 12 drives 1300 cartridges SCSI Attached Host 2 4 drives 80 cartridges Fibre Attached Host 3 16 drives 1240 cartridges Fibre Attached XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

24 N+1 Power System Distributed power bus using hot swap supplies
Some configurations can be powered off of a single 110 VAC outlet Simply add one additional supply to achieve N+1 protection (N+1 standard on LRM) XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

25 Memory Expansion Module
1075 cartridges = 430 TB (Native LTO 3) One or two per LRM Efficient carousel design Easy field upgrade Dual access doors for bulk load/servicing Power, control and cartridge handling supplied by LRM(s) Only 8.4 square feet 78.0” 34.8” 34.8” XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

26 X-Link Management Interface
Single-view interface: local and remote users see the same interface Browser based access Multiple level password protection and administration capability established for each logical library Ability to create custom access control for individual users/groups Integrated online help system XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

27 X-Link Management Interface (cont’d)
Online system manuals Wizards to aid initial set-up and common operations Software and firmware revision management Integrated event logging and diagnostics Ability to back user configuration for restore of user environment, even with a system controller change or failure XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

28 X-Link: View Hardware Current status of hardware Base unit
Expansion unit Tape drives Drill down to specific components Drive status, serial number, firmware level, etc. XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

29 X-Link: Help System Available from all screens Context-sensitive
Searchable Uses online manual reference XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

30 XLS Documentation XLS Installation Manual XLS User Guide
XLS Technical Service Manual XLS Interface Manual Available in print and as fully searchable PDF files on XLS controller hard drive XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

31 Symantec Veritas Backup Exec
XLS Software Support IBM Tivoli Shipped in March No problems reported Expect support by June 30th Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Shipped in April XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

32 Symantec Veritas Netbackup
XLS Software Support Symantec Veritas Netbackup Shipped May 5th Expect support by July 30th EMC Legatto Networker Self-Certification test started Expect support on some platforms by July 30th XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

33 XLS Software Support Bakbone Commvault Will start testing in June
Expect support by July 30th Commvault Will start self-certification in June Expect support by August 30th XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

34 The Simply Reliable Enterprise Library System
Great Partnership with Pro Technology The Simply Reliable Enterprise Library System XLS PRESENTATION Rev 03

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