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Ox-See-Day-Shun Vicky Nguyen & Heather Nguyen Eisenhower Junior High 8 th Grade.

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1 Ox-See-Day-Shun Vicky Nguyen & Heather Nguyen Eisenhower Junior High 8 th Grade

2 Overview Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

3 Question O Our question for this experiment was, “Out of Saran, Kirkland Stretch-Tite, and Polyvinyl Films, which brand of plastic wrap will most effectively prevent oxidation from taking place if we use green apples?” O We chose this question because our families both used different brands of plastic wrap, and so we wondered if the brand of wrap would differ greatly in quality. Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

4 Hypothesis O Our hypothesis was that if we wrapped the apples in Saran, Polyvinyl Films and Kirkland Stretch-Tite, then Kirkland Stretch-Tite would most effectively prevent oxidation from occurring. O We hypothesized this because according to America’s Test Kitchen, a TV show, Kirkland Stretch-Tite was the best brand. O Kirkland Stretch-Tite is also more commercialized than Polyvinyl Films and Saran. Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

5 Research O Excellent students will undertake research to help them shape their question and hypothesis and to put their work into a relevant, real-world context. (Engineering/Invention show research how new product will meet a need better than an existing product, how it fills a need). (500 Word max, no pictures on this slide/page) O Figure out what others have found out about your subject area or question. How has your research helped you to refine your question and ask something that may not be unique, but is relevant and interesting and not already answered. Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

6 Experiment O First, we gathered our materials – green apples, a mass measuring scale, a knife, paper labels, and of course, the plastic wraps; Kirkland Stretch-Tite, Polyvinyl Films, and Saran. O The control variable was the same kind of apple, and the test variables we used were the different brands of plastic wrap. O We then measured the apple’s mass. O Next we divided the apple into thirds, wrapped each slice in a different brand of plastic wrap and labeled each piece. O Then we set them aside. O After three days of waiting and recording data, we checked each apple slice’s mass once more and came to a conclusion. O A helpful hint/precaution would be to slice your apple as evenly as possible, but be careful with a knife! Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

7 Data/Observations Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun Before After While doing this experiment, we observed apples getting more and more brown as oxidation happened. As you can see, however, Saran’s oxidation levels increased the least. KST and PVF both had significant oxidation increases.

8 Conclusion O In conclusion, we reject our hypothesis because we predicted that Kirkland Stretch-Tite would prevent oxidation the best. O But as it turns out, our data showed that Saran actually did the greatest job at averting oxidation. O A question this brought up would be, “Will the plastic wraps have the same result on another food?” O We could test this by redoing the experiment, but change the control variable from green apples to something else. Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

9 Works Cited O Michael, P.. "What is Oxidation?." N.p., 2011. Web. 20 Jan 2012.. Eisenhower Junior High – Ox-See-Day-Shun

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