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Professional Development Puts Wind into the Sails 612112893/sizes/m/in/photostream/

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1 Professional Development Puts Wind into the Sails /sizes/m/in/photostream/

2 Jay D. Bennett, Michigan Virtual School PD Models Monthly webinars with presenters from across the country

3 Jon Fila, Northern Star Online – Consortium of Minnesota Schools Development of these online PD Models Open Source * Free * Share Web Tools Course Teacher Workshops in Moodle Collaboration on phpBB discussion board software Video Tutorials Using what exists (MoodleShare, NROC)

4 Jennifer Kolar-Burden, Illinois Virtual School Develops, facilitates, and arranges these online PD Models: Internal – Created by IVS for IVS Teachers Facilitator-led: Pre-service Training Course for all incoming IVS teachers Self-paced Training: Quality Curriculum/Standards Alignment 3-day Summer Intensive F2F/blended training External – IVS-PD for all Illinois Educators Self-paced courses: Reading First and RtI in partnership with ISBE In-house developed, facilitator-led course: Making the Technology Connection

5 Sue Steiner, Wisconsin eSchool Network Develops and Facilitates these PD Models Eight-week online course – Online Facilitation: Taming the World of Online Learning Both asynchronous & synchronous components Aligned with DPI Guidelines for the Standards of the new WI Virtual Legislation Just in Time teacher course Specific to our Network, SIS and LMS Weekly web-conferences


7 Contact Information Jay Bennett Jon Fila Jennifer Kolar-Burden Sue Steiner Jan Mitchell

8 Propel online instruction with PD models that match needs /sizes/m/in/photostream/

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