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Oh Deer! A game to learn about limiting factors

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1 Oh Deer! A game to learn about limiting factors

2 Information to know before we start:
What are the most important things that animals need to survive? Food Shelter Space Water In today’s game we will be learning about three of these: food, shelter and water

3 Game rules I will divide you up into 4 groups – numbered 1, 2, 3, or 4
When we go outside, all 1s should stand together on one side of a line and the rest of 2,3 and 4 will stand together in one group on the other side of a line 1s are deer, and 2,3 and 4 will be the different parts of the habitat (food, water or shelter) that an animal needs to survive Each part of the habitat has a special symbol: PRACTICE Food – hands on stomach Water – hands over mouth Shelter – hands over head like a point / upside -down v – shape *When we get outside to the plaza by the library, I will show you where to stand

4 Game rules continued… The goal is for the deer to get the ‘resource’ they need to survive: MATCHING The deer must run to the other side and match up with the habitat part they are looking for. You must high-five when you match-up. After high-fiving, run back to the deer side with your resource. The habitat person becomes a deer. Do not tell anyone what resource you are looking for. If a deer cannot find a matching partner, it ‘dies’ and they are recycled to become part of the habitat group Each round I will be keeping track of the number of deer that are still ‘alive’, so we can create a graph of our results and see the changes in the deer population We are going to play about rounds

5 Changes to deer population 8A

6 Changes to Deer Population 8B

7 Finally…what happened?
Answer these questions as your Science Journal for today: 1) From the game, what are some limiting factors that may affect the population? 2) Do wildlife populations stay the same or do they fluctuate (change a lot)? 3) What do you think would have happened if I introduced a ‘disease’ (someone that could catch you when trying to run back to your deer side) ?

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