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Vicki Jones Project Officer Outback Tourism Skills Formation Strategy Oi! and Outback Hospitality.

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1 Vicki Jones Project Officer Outback Tourism Skills Formation Strategy Oi! and Outback Hospitality

2 Skills Formation Strategy Queensland Department of Employment and Training program hosted by regional or industry bodies Workforce Development issues –consultation with industry –identify common issues, and –through an industry leaders group, develop strategies to overcome the issues Outback Tourism SFS vision: –Collective action to create flexible solutions to common workforce issues

3 Outback Tourism SFS Issues identified include: –Lack of labour – both skilled and skillable –Reliance on seasonal nomadic workforce – advertising varied –Low understanding of remoteness by new employees –Lack of staff basic knowledge of other towns and attractions –Low staff retention rates and value on local staff –Little assistance for new/potential staff to orientate into region –Low understanding of, and access to, Human Resources information

4 Employment Opportunities:- Home page  Overview of Region  Employment service providers in the CW  Real Estate Agents Positions Vacant  Jobs listing  Online form capability for listing  Link to Oi! for that region Our Lifestyle/Our region  Link to RAPAD website  Relevant industry and regional links  Link to Outback Queensland Visitor’s Guide Contact us  About us  Policy Disclaimer Workforce Development Employment Opportunities Workforce Development:- Home Page  Employer Registration and Login Skills Development  Passion in the Outback  Link to ACOT HR Network Resources  In house induction template  Employers forum  HR Toolkit  WH&S checklist Industry Specific Websites  Peak Bodies & Industry Assoc General Resources  Who can Help? Outback Hospitality


6 Benefits of Outback Hospitality To employers: One stop shop for employers to access human resource templates, information and links to appropriate websites Free employment listing for businesses in the region Fast online access to advertising Industry initiative so well known and used by businesses in the region Extensive promotion outside of region Not just for tourism and hospitality – all industries and therefore greater viewing source Forum for businesses to share information Links to training information for employers Promotion In all 7 shire Visitor Guides In OQTA Traveller’s Guide To backpackers To “grey nomads” Other partnerships




10 Benefits of A more cohesive and understanding industry in the CW region Quick access to basic information for staff in region Greater on-selling throughout the region Greater on-selling in leader towns and regions Promotes livability in the region A better understanding of towns and localities by potential employees Industry initiative and extensive operator involvement. This ownership promotes ongoing usage. Over 220 businesses participated across 7 shires and 21 localities in an area covering 23% of Qld Use of technology to break down distances and remoteness and create networks

11 Where to from here? Continued promotion outside of region Continued promotion and use within region Outback Tourism SFS – January 2011 completion with other initiatives being implemented Work together with other regions to create links and solutions to common issues Work with other regions to create the links for off/peak season sharing of mobile and seasonal workforce – an Outback Hospitality Trail

12 Thank You! Vicki Jones 0439 901 733 (07) 4652 5604

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