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Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest By Sam Irving.

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3 Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest
By Sam Irving

4 The Geographic Setting
Cover 6% of the Earth’s surface. Home to about 50% of the world’s living species. Nicknamed “the lungs of the Earth.”

5 Essential Question How should the resources of the Amazon rainforest be used and preserved?

6 Land Use Conflict What do you think this means?
:Arguments about the best ways to use the land. Let’s look at the six sides to this conflict.

7 How does this guy use the rainforest to survive?

8 Native Amazonians Lived in the rainforest for 12,000 years.
A sustainable way of life. Using the resources without causing long-term damage. Hunting, Fishing, Subsistence Farming Want legal ownership of their homelands. Save the Forest to Save Us! Why don’t they want development?

9 What’s this guy doing?

10 Rubber Tappers First came to the Amazon in the 1870s.
Collect sap from rubber trees to make rubber. Sustainable (doesn’t hurt the trees) Want to create protected reserves.

11 What’s going on?

12 Loggers Enter the Amazon in the 1960s.
Clear-cut forests and sell lumber. Deforestation Is this Sustainable? Provide forestry jobs, helping the Brazilian economy. In 2004 alone, Brazil exported over $5 billion worth of wood.

13 What’s this?


15 Settlers Entered the Amazon in the 1960s with gov’t encouragement.
Poor people looking for rainforest land to farm. Poor soil forces settlers to clear-cut new fields every few years. Is this sustainable?

16 ?

17 Cattle Ranchers Also entered in the 60s.
Clear-cut to create grassland to feed cattle. Feed the world with beef and help the Brazilian economy. The U.S. is one of the biggest buyers of Brazilian beef. Some estimate 55 feet of rainforest are cleared for every hamburger sold in the U.S.

18 b

19 Environmentalists Became active in the 1970s.
Protect the biodiversity of the rainforest. A 2.5-acre patch of rainforest contains about 125 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 750 species of trees, and 1,500 species of flowering plants . Over 100 plant, animal, and insect species are lost everyday due to deforestation. Want slower, smarter rainforest development.

20 Ideas for Reducing Land Use Conflict
Promote Ecotourism: attracts people who would like to visit a unique ecosystem.

21 Encourage sustainable development.
Ex. Shade-grown coffee Ex. Strip logging

22 Buy Products that protect the rainforest.

23 What do you think? How do we get from here to here?

24 Assignment: Letter to the Brazilian Gov’t
ELT: Investigate issues and justify possible resolutions involving people, places, and environments. Write a letter to the Brazilian Gov’t explaining your ideas on how to best use and preserve the resources of the Amazon Rainforest. Describe two actions and explain how these actions will meet the needs of at least three groups involved in the land-use conflict.

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