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Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest By Sam Irving.

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4 Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest By Sam Irving

5 The Geographic Setting  Cover 6% of the Earth’s surface.  Home to about 50% of the world’s living species.  Nicknamed “the lungs of the Earth.”

6 Essential Question  How should the resources of the Amazon rainforest be used and preserved?

7 Land Use Conflict  What do you think this means?  :Arguments about the best ways to use the land.  Let’s look at the six sides to this conflict.

8 How does this guy use the rainforest to survive?

9 Native Amazonians  Lived in the rainforest for 12,000 years.  A sustainable way of life.  Using the resources without causing long- term damage.  Hunting, Fishing, Subsistence Farming  Want legal ownership of their homelands.  Save the Forest to Save Us!  Why don’t they want development?

10 What’s this guy doing?

11 Rubber Tappers  First came to the Amazon in the 1870s.  Collect sap from rubber trees to make rubber.  Sustainable (doesn’t hurt the trees)  Want to create protected reserves.

12 What’s going on?

13 Loggers  Enter the Amazon in the 1960s.  Clear-cut forests and sell lumber.  Deforestation  Is this Sustainable?  Provide forestry jobs, helping the Brazilian economy.  In 2004 alone, Brazil exported over $5 billion worth of wood.

14 What’s this?


16 Settlers  Entered the Amazon in the 1960s with gov’t encouragement.  Poor people looking for rainforest land to farm.  Poor soil forces settlers to clear-cut new fields every few years.  Is this sustainable?

17 ????

18 Cattle Ranchers  Also entered in the 60s.  Clear-cut to create grassland to feed cattle.  Feed the world with beef and help the Brazilian economy.  The U.S. is one of the biggest buyers of Brazilian beef.  Some estimate 55 feet of rainforest are cleared for every hamburger sold in the U.S.

19 bbbb

20 Environmentalists  Became active in the 1970s.  Protect the biodiversity of the rainforest.  A 2.5-acre patch of rainforest contains about 125 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 750 species of trees, and 1,500 species of flowering plants.  Over 100 plant, animal, and insect species are lost everyday due to deforestation.  Want slower, smarter rainforest development.

21 Ideas for Reducing Land Use Conflict  Promote Ecotourism: attracts people who would like to visit a unique ecosystem.

22  Encourage sustainable development.  Ex. Shade-grown coffee  Ex. Strip logging

23  Buy Products that protect the rainforest.

24 How do we get from here to here? What do you think?

25 Assignment: Letter to the Brazilian Gov’t  ELT: Investigate issues and justify possible resolutions involving people, places, and environments.  Write a letter to the Brazilian Gov’t explaining your ideas on how to best use and preserve the resources of the Amazon Rainforest.  Describe two actions and explain how these actions will meet the needs of at least three groups involved in the land-use conflict.

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