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2 LEARNING OBJECTIVE Be able to explain the language choices used to present an opinion or perspective

3 What can you see? What does it make you think?

4 LANGUAGE CHOICES Add to your vocab notebook:
Figurative language (metaphor, simile) Connotations (positive or negative) Symbolism Imagery Adjectives Other words for ‘show’: Depict, portray, highlight, proclaim, express

5 Language choices Writers choose words to get across their opinion.
You need to be able to explain how the type of words they use shows their opinion. First, identify the language technique, provide an example (or two) and explain the effect of the language. Then explain what opinion they poet is trying to get across.

6 Example Eg: In ‘Time They Are A Changin’ Bob Dylan uses _____________ such as “sink like a stone” to portray the consequence of not accepting the counter culture revolution. This shows Dylan considers it important that the older generation supports the youth movement.

Split into parts and purposes Note any poetic devices

8 What’s the message? ?

9 Quick application #1 In ‘Short Memory’, Midnight Oil uses __________ such as “conquistador of Mexico” and “____________________” to depict _____________ as ______________ . This shows they believe Europeans have a long history of mistreating Indigenous people.

10 Quick application #2 Midnight Oil also uses the metaphor of “watch dog in a nervous land” to portray American involvement in Afghanistan as well intentioned but potentially dangerous. This shows they are concerned about _____________

11 quiz What is the writer’s perspective linked to? A) The purpose B) The message C) The parts Message

12 Summary What is Midnight Oil’s opinion on
The treatment of Aboriginals? Australia’s military support in other countries?

13 Learning objective Poets use provocative images to show their emotional state - On Monday we looked at Strange Fruit to show how a poet can make the audience feel. Today we want to examine a poem to see how the poet feels.


15 Burning tree by Samuel mclean
In the words from a white Prime Minister, 'sorry'? You think that justice has been served? But where is my family tree the one that I deserved? I lost mine in one generation, a generation where white man's justice was often curved. We never asked for a 'sorry' in a politician's words, We asked for respect, a respect which needs to be earned. But you will never get this off me, you lost it long ago. The only time I will give you mine Is when you find my grandma's name, The name the white man burned!

16 Annotate Parts Message Language choices
Then, in your book, explain the language choices Symbolism Connotations Questions Rhyming words

17 summary Why do poets choose specific words? Score your understanding


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