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English IV (College Preparatory) Mrs. Dawn Ligas Havelock High School Room 706.

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1 English IV (College Preparatory) Mrs. Dawn Ligas Havelock High School Room 706

2 Supplies for Class 3-ring binder (1.5+ inches) Notebook Paper Pens (blue/black ink only) 5-pack tabbed dividers USB drive Hi-lighters Marble Composition Book

3 GP Supplies 3-ring binder (1.5 inches) Plastic page protectors (50-100) 5-pack tabbed dividers MENTOR

4 Contact & Website

5 1 st Day Forms Internet User /FERPA Syllabus Video Permission GP Forms GP Calendar of Due Dates Plagiarism Policy Mentor Application

6 COURSE DESCRIPTION: “Students in English IV will integrate all the language arts skills gained throughout their education. The curriculum both affirms these skills and equips the students to be life-long learners. Students continue to explore expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary contexts with a focus on European Literature. The emphasis in English IV is on argumentation by developing a position of advocacy through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media. Students will (taken from NCSCOS): Express reflections and reactions to texts. Explain principles inspired by the curriculum. Interpret and qualify texts. Research and address issues of public or personal concern. Create products and presentations which maintain standard conventions of the written and spoken language” A variety of literary genres will be read, including non-fiction, short stories, novels, drama, and poetry. Grammatical skills will continue to be developed through frequent grammar exercises and with the application of correct grammar in student writing. Vocabulary expansion will also be incorporated each week in the course curriculum. Student writing will be strengthened through daily journaling and class compositions.

7 CCSGP Product/Portfolio/Presentation: All English IV students are required to complete/present a product and a portfolio based on the research paper they wrote for the Craven County Schools’ Graduation Project (CCSGP). Deadline dates will be announced in the early weeks of the semester. Be advised: Limited classroom time will be devoted to the senior product/portfolio; therefore, students must plan to dedicate an extensive amount of time outside of class to complete this graduation requirement! For additional information, please visit HS/graduationproject.html. HS/graduationproject.html

8 Plagiarism and Cheating: Any attempt to obtain credit for work done by another is absolutely unacceptable. Consequences for plagiarism are made clear in the student handbook and will be enforced in this classroom.

9 Make-Up Policy: *Late work may be accepted at your teacher’s discretion, but a significant loss of points will be incurred. *When you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get all missed assignments and submit them within five (5) days. *Any work not submitted within five days will receive a grade of zero (0). *Checking in or out of school does not excuse you from deadlines. *Previously assigned work is due the date you return to class. *Make-up quizzes and tests can be scheduled during seminar, before, or after school.

10 CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: You are expected to abide by the Craven County and Havelock High School rules and regulations. These are outlined, in detail, in your student handbook. Please be well-informed about all of these rules and regulations. In my classroom: Be PROMPT in arriving to class and be in your seat when the bell rings. Be PREPARED by having supplies and materials with you each day. Be RESPONSIBLE by keeping up with assignments and turning in all work when due. Be RESPECTFUL of your teacher and your fellow students. Disrespect of any sort will not be tolerated. Conduct yourself with maturity and self respect.

11 An unwillingness to follow these expectations may result in any or all of the following consequences: Warning Change in seating Contact with parent/guardian Classroom detention Removal from classroom Discipline referral

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