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RC 2.6 ELA Standards 4th Grade

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1 RC 2.6 ELA Standards 4th Grade
Cause & Effect RC 2.6 ELA Standards 4th Grade

2 What is Cause & Effect? Cause is why something happens.
Effect is what happens as a result.

3 Example I ate an entire pizza for dinner, so now my stomach hurts.
Cause – Ate too much pizza Effect – Stomach ache

4 Sam couldn’t find his shoes, so he was late for school.
Cause – couldn’t find shoes Effect – late for school

5 Disneyland is giving away free tickets if you volunteer to work a day for free in your community.
Cause – work a day for free Effect – free tickets

6 The elephant was able to escape because the gate to the enclosure was left open.
Cause – the gate was left open Effect – elephant escaped

7 Mia had a pet rabbit, but it ate all of the vegetables in her mother’s garden.
Cause – had a rabbit Effect – ate the garden

8 More Practice

9 What could be the cause? You’re grounded Your received $100
You made the swimming team

10 What could be the effect?
You studied extra hard You reached your AR goal You mowed lawns all summer

11 Cause is why something happens.
Remember Cause is why something happens.

12 Effect is what happens as a result

13 Game

14 Loren left his book on his desk, so he was unable to finish his homework.
Cause Effect

15 Try Again

16 Correct!

17 Stacy’s flowers died because she forgot to water them for a week.

18 Try Again

19 Correct!

20 The kids at Cinnamon earned a carnival because they worked hard on their STAR tests.

21 Try Again

22 Correct!

23 My dad gave me $50 for getting straight A’s on my report card.
Cause Effect

24 Try Again

25 Correct!

26 It snowed last night so school was canceled today.
Cause Effect

27 Try Again

28 Correct!

29 Read Aloud


31 Story Elements

32 Cause Effect How did the story begin? Moose wanted a muffin.
Then what happened? He wanted jam to go with it. Effect

33 And because he wanted jam, what happened next? He wanted…

34 Writing

35 If You Give An Elephant a Peanut

36 Sentence 1 Cause – Gave an elephant a peanut… Effect – What will happen? Write – If you give an elephant a peanut, he will want

37 Sentence 2 Cause – Effect – Write –

38 Sentence 3 Cause – Effect – Write –

39 Sentence 4 Cause – Effect – Write –

40 Sentence 5 Cause – Effect – Write –

41 Sentence 6 Cause – Effect – Write –

42 Conclusion Bring it back to the first sentence you wrote. Cause – Effect – Write –

43 Resources

44 Library Books If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff
If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff

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