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Tend Leslie Mathews GDS801: User Experience 1 FA13 Problem Definition.

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1 Tend Leslie Mathews GDS801: User Experience 1 FA13 Problem Definition

2 What is the problem? It’s hard for patients to keep track of medication schedules Incorrect usage is dangerous Tracking medication use is time consuming and difficult

3 What are the user’s needs? A reminder of when to take medication A reminder of how much medication to take A way to track symptoms and side effects Motivation during a difficult health struggle

4 My solution Photograph prescription bottle to enter medication information Create medication schedule and remind you to take your dose Track symptoms and effectiveness Motivates patients with charitable giving game

5 What makes Tend unique? Combination touch screen wrist band and smart phone app Allows users to easily access their own medical statistics Makes taking your medicine on time into a game Tend is warm, gentle, supportive, reliable.

6 Target audience Cancer patients in the United States between the ages of 50 and 65

7 Key persona "Going to the pharmacy to pick up my medications for the first time was an overwhelming experience. Pill bottle, after pill bottle piled into my bag. All I could see was this great, big hill I had to climb over before I could be healthy again. I love my kids more than anything and don’t want them to worry, but doing this on my own is scary. How am I going to manage this crazy medication schedule, take care of family as well as myself?" Jane Abbott Age: 53 Cancer: Breast Number of Medications: 5 Occupation: Bank Manager Family: 2 teenage sons, divorced from husband of 14 years

8 Key persona How does Tend help Jane? Automatically reminds her when to take her medication, so she can check one less worry off her list. Tend is on her wrist and in her pocket, so it’s always with her during her busy life. The gentle, supportive personality of Tend helps Jane feel less alone in her cancer recovery.

9 Secondary persona “The road to recovery is one small step at a time. My wife has been such a good caretaker from the beginning, but I worry about the stress my illness is putting on her. She's done such a good job helping me to manage my medications, but I want to take some of that worry off her shoulders." Cliff Neary Age: 60 Cancer: Leukemia Number of Medications: 7 Occupation: Sales Director Family: Wife of 30 years

10 Secondary persona How does Tend help Cliff? Takes the stress of of Cliff’s wife to always keep track of his medication regimen. Helps Cliff keep track of his symptoms and side effects so he can share more accurate information with his doctors. Motivates Cliff to stay on track with his schedule by turning adding gaming elements to his medication regimen.

11 Ideally this app would... Have both a touch screen wrist band and smart phone application The wrist band would be able to collect medical statistics like heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level, etc.

12 Realistically I can... Create a prototype of the phone application with data for one patient that will allow user to create medication schedules, track their statistics, earn and redeem points. Animation or video showing how the user would interact with the wrist band.

13 Competitor: direct Pill Tracker is an iPhone application that allows users to manually enter in their prescription and non-prescription medications as well as create a schedule for when those medications should be taken. Then it sets alarms to go off and alert the user when it is time to take their medication. Pill Tracker Manual Medication Alarm

14 Competitor: inspirational The Nike Fuel Band is a band worn around the wrist that tracks its wearers daily activity levels as well as steps taken and calories burned. That data is then transferred wirelessly to an application on the user’s smart phone. The user can set fitness and weight loss goals, then track their progress over time using the application. The user receives rewards as they hit milestones and can also share their goals and progress through social media. Nike Fuel Band Fitness Tracking Band And Phone Application

15 Competitor: inspirational Similar to the Nike Fuel Band, this is a more elegant looking activity monitor that also doubles as a watch. It synchs with a companion smart phone application through blue tooth. You set an activity level goal, and then you can track your progress by tapping on the monitor face. Then you simply place the monitor on top of the application screen to synch the two together. Shine Physical Activity Monitor

16 New competitors to research Metria Wearable Sensor Shine by Misfit Wearables Beyond the Shock (breast cancer app) Fitbit Flex

17 Testing Schedule Create google survey to support target audience hypothesis (M3) User interview (M4) A/B testing of wireframe home pages (M5) Paper prototype task testing (M7/8) A/B of high fidelity home pages (M8) High fidelity clickable prototype task testing (M9)

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