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Geographical Features of the UK. The United Kingdom (UK)

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1 Geographical Features of the UK


3 The United Kingdom (UK)

4 Great Britain

5 English Flag

6 Welsh Flag

7 Scottish Flag

8 Irish Flag

9 Union Jack (UK Flag)

10 Patron Saint of England Saint George Legend: He killed a dragon and rescued a beautiful princess in Libya Saint George’s Day – 23 rd April

11 Patron Saint of Scotland Saint Andrew Christian who spread the word of God Saint Andrew’s Day – 30 th November

12 Patron Saint of Wales Saint David Welsh Bishop Saint David’s Day – 1 st March

13 Patron Saint of Ireland Saint Patrick Christian Saint Patrick’s Day – 17 th March

14 Rivers of the UK The River Severn is the longest river. It is 354 km long and runs through England and Wales The Thames is the river that goes through London. It is 346 km long

15 Severn Bore

16 Thames The Thames begins near Cirencester in Gloucestershire (source) and meets the North Sea in Essex (estuary) Oxford  London

17 Mountains in the UK

18 Scafell Pike – 978m Ben Nevis – 1344m Snowdon – 1085m

19 UK Countryside

20 The Cotswolds Hills in west-central England Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Highest hill is Cleeve Hill Mainly in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire

21 The Cotswolds Winchcombe

22 Small, pretty, Cotswold town Population in 2001: 4,300 people Castle: Sudeley Castle Abbey remains: Hailes Abbey

23 Sudeley Castle

24 Bath The most southern Cotswold city It was first built as a spa, by the Romans and you can still visit the Roman baths Very popular with tourists It has got a variety of theatres, museums and other cultural and sports places to visit Jane Austen lived there and wrote about the city in her novels

25 Bath

26 Oxford University city; one of the best universities in the world and the oldest in all English- speaking countries Population: 160, 000 people It has many historic buildings A lot of Harry Potter was filmed there because of the grand university buildings

27 Oxford

28 Cambridge University city; one of the best universities in the world It is about 80km north of London Population: 108,000 including 22,000 students It is very popular with tourists, thanks to the university, and has similar architecture to Oxford.

29 Cambridge

30 The UK Coast The UK has a lot of coast because it is an island The UK coastline is very long compared to other countries of the same size (17,820km) The coast line of Spain is 4,964km long About 3 million (out of 60 million) people live on the coast The coast in the UK is very different depending on where you are; there can be beaches or cliffs and it can be wild or calm

31 The UK Coast Cornwall - south west coast Bournemouth – south coast

32 The UK Coast East Anglia coast Scottish coast

33 The UK Coast White Cliffs of Dover Brighton

34 UK Climate

35 Questions Which countries make up the UK? Which countries make up Great Britain? Which countries make up the British Isles?

36 What is the name of this flag?

37 Which country does this flag belong to?

38 Who is the patron saint of England? Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

39 What’s the name of the longest river in Britain? What’s the name of the river that runs through London?

40 Name one of the mountains that I mentioned, and say which country it is in.

41 Name as many of the famous English cities that I mentioned in my presentation as you can.

42 How warm does it normally get in England? Does it rain a lot?

43 Have you ever been to England? Would you like to go?

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