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Globalization Shifts (contd) Cultural Dimension Norms Values.

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1 Globalization Shifts (contd) Cultural Dimension Norms Values

2 Rationalism  Reflexivity The relevance of rationalism Types of knowledge; explanation and understanding The impact of critical thought

3 The return of religion? Cultural marker ”Reaction against the encroachments by global forces” The importance of context; examples: Iran, Eastern Europe

4 Ecocentrism Challenging the consequences of unreflecting rationality James Lovelock: Gaia Theory/Hypothesis Sustainable development The alternatives offered by traditional outlooks

5 Postmodernism Objective truths (fields of knowledge, again) Judging culture (objective criteria? High/elite/popular/accessible) The relevance of relativism (constructivism, once more)

6 Reflexive rationalism Solution or compromise? Self-questioning, self-critical Challenging instrumental rationality; the moral aspects ”Evagenlical scientism” (excessive faith in efficiency, productivity)

7 Ontology and Methodology Perceptions of Space/Time (expanding? Shrinking?) Interdisciplinarity (the rigidity of borders; the clarity of outline) Global learning

8 Globalization and culture (contd) Aspects of integration: world music, world literature, world art The return of world history: clarifying ongoing processes of cultural diffusion The relevance of the historical perspective (acceleration of earlier changes?)

9 Migration Revealing cracks in ethnic identity Process of homogenization or hybridization Nations states as a ”grid … temporarily superimposed upon a deeper and ongoing stratum of human migrations and diasporas” (Pieterse 34). The challenges of multiculturalism

10 Clash of civilizations Samuel Huntington (1993 paper Incommensurable systems (Christian, Chinese [Confucian-Taoist-Buddhist], Islamic, Hindu, Japanese [Shinto-Buddhist-Confucian], Latin American syncretism and non-Islamist African) Controversial (part of a longer tradition, A. Toynbee, etc)

11 McDonaldization Standardization? Integration/multiculturalism Glocalization Deterritorialization/reterritorialization

12 Globalizations Plural Uneven process Context-dependent (fields of knowledge, spheres of creation, types of activity) Global memory (the return of world-history as a genre); shared global experiences Cultural expressions/products facilitating this kind of sharing

13 The risks of backlash The beginning of a proces (possible reactions, real drawbacks, promising opportunities) The impact on issues of security, equality, democracy The importance of cultural diffusion and encounters; redefining aspects of assimilation, tolerance, hybridization

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