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Aerospace Systems Technical Group Presented by Carla Landsberg.

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1 Aerospace Systems Technical Group Presented by Carla Landsberg

2 The Group The group has 479 members (Winter 2010) ◦ Diverse! At the 2008 HFES conference there were 4 panels, 7 lecture sections, and 4 posters They have secured a grant from the FAA which allowed them to sponsor a conference called Human Factors and NextGen: The Future of Aviation

3 The Group “Application of HF to the development, design, certification, operation, and maintenance of human-machine systems in aviation and space environments” Both military and civilian systems

4 Careers Members of the Aerospace systems group work in government, academia, and in the private sector.

5 Government/Military U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy U.S. Marine Corps Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) U.S. Department of Transportation National Transportation Safety Board NASA

6 Academia UCF Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Arizona State University George Mason University Brown University ◦ And more!

7 Private Sector Boeing ◦ Manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft as well as defense systems, missiles, advanced information systems, communication systems Lockheed Martin ◦ Aeronautics, electronic systems, information systems, space systems MITRE ◦ Works with government in systems engineering, information technology, and operational concepts HF Consulting Service, Inc.

8 More Private Sector Astrotech ◦ Preparing and sending satellites, cargo and science into space. HF professionals work in design and development United Space Alliance ◦ Partnered with NASA, involved with the international space station, the shuttle program and the constellation program.

9 But what do they DO? They do basic research, system design, and improvements on current systems They are involved during system development, testing, and operation

10 Specifics Members perform work on: ◦ Crew stations design ◦ Operator-computer interface (software) design ◦ Training devices ◦ Control and display technology ◦ Anthropomorphic measurement ◦ Environmental effects on human performance ◦ Human error analysis

11 Also… Members of ASTG are members of other TGs such as: ◦ Human Performance Modeling ◦ Product Design ◦ Safety ◦ Aging ◦ Cognitive Engineering ◦ Virtual Environments ◦ And More!!

12 References and Resources HFES Website (TGs) s/technical.html s/technical.html ASTG Brochure ASTG Website

13 Questions??

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